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SKIRMISH TILES are 8-inch by 5-inch dungeon room and corridor tiles suitable for any miniatures-based skirmish game. Some of your favorite 0one Games battlemaps have been adapted to this new format, with many wonderful rooms added.

Each tile shows a superbly rendered plain view of a dungeon room or a corridor without losing space due to a perspective view. With these tiles you can easily build a battlefield for your miniatures game, even printing each one more than once.

The product contains 30 tiles, plus an ink-saving black-and-white version of each tile, plus three preassembled dungeons you can use to quickly setup games.

    The tiles in this set are:
  • Entrance room
  • Corridor "I"
  • Corridor "L" left
  • Corridor "L" right
  • Corridor "T"
  • Corridor "X"
  • Double sacred circle
  • Alchemist's room
  • Three statues
  • Armory
  • Fountain room
  • Torture chamber
  • Dark shrine
  • Bridge room
  • Empty room
  • Wizard study
  • Library
  • Old barracks
  • Four tombs
  • Dwarven crypt
  • Crypt
  • Pool
  • Jail
  • Forge
  • Guardpost
  • Well
  • Throne room
  • Pit
  • Debris
  • Small room

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