Tunnels & Trolls: The Amulet of the Salkti

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All on your lonesome and you want to play T&T? Well, how about a couple of T&T Solitaire Adventures? The book is the gamemaster, and each can be played many times. The solo adventures listed here are coded for difficulty, number & type of characters permitted within. "War" means warrior; "Wiz" means magic-user; "any" means any character class allowed (warrior, wizard, or rogue). "L1-3" means it is for 1st through 3rd level characters. "MM" means Magic Matrix is included.

You must find the lost amulet and save the city of Freegore from the evil demon Sxelba and his armies of orcs. 1 Any, L1-8, up to 33 adds. MM.

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