WARMACHINE—Cryx: Deathjack Helljack

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For centuries, the infamous Deathjack has terrorized western Immoren, appearing suddenly and without warning, leaving behind only a handful of survivors. After years of tracking the metal monstrosity, the legions of the Dragonfather have managed to enslave the Deathjack and press it into service. Fueled by incessant hunger and hatred, the Deathjack is an unstoppable killing machine; luck be with any who should cross paths with this beast.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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An Epic miniature to put together and paint.


I'm giving this one a 4/5 (actually closer to 4.5) for a few reasons. First off, let me tell you about all the positive things this model has to offer.

I got into the Iron Kingdoms setting because of this monster (along with the Iron Lich) when I picked up the Monsternomicon Vol. 1 on an impulse buy. The IK setting has become my favorite D20 setting. This monster has it all...big, scary, soul-sucking steampunk at it's finest! Full Metal Fantasy indeed! I like the backstory, I like the monster, and the mini will be very fun to paint! I've got mine primed and ready to start painting even now.

Which brings me to the few small details I didn't care for in the model, and the reason its not getting a 5 star rating from me. First off are the skulls of hate on its shoulders. In my opinion they are very silly looking and don't look at all like their description in the Monsternomicon book. They look very fake - if that term could be applied to an imaginary monster. The other thing I didn't care for were the spikes on the back of its hands. They make the clawed fingers look very short and stubby. I solved these issues with mine by spending a few dollars more at Privateer Press' online store and bought a couple other parts to use as substitutes for these bits - some spikes from one of the other Khador Warjacks and a couple of Machine Wraith heads. I can't wait to start painting this!

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