Starship Troopers RPG: Citizens' Federation

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Citizenship brings responsibilities as well as rights, something that every person in the United Citizens' Federation, be they citizen or civilian, knows very well. Citizenship also brings opportunity, the chance to travel and understand the whole of the Federation in a way very few civilians can, a chance to truly see the beauty and immensity of the Federation.

Citizens' Federation, a supplement to the Starship Troopers Roleplaying Game, acts as the reader's tour guide through the Federation, illuminating all aspects of the Federation in unprecedented detail. From the cultures, laws and societies of Earth, to the history of the Federation itself, to an in-depth look at some of humanity's major colonies in space, Citizens' Federation contains a wealth of information for players and Games Masters alike.

The defining trait of a citizen is the willingness to put the safety of the human race ahead of his own. A wise citizen understands that remaining true to that trait requires more than a decision to enlist in Federal Service, it requires understanding what the Federation truly is, and what it truly means. It requires knowing what he is fighting for.

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