Babylon 5: EarthForce Campaign Book (d20)

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"Stay in formation. Hold the Line. No one gets through, no matter what."

The Earth Alliance has risen from an obscure minor race to one of the powers of known space, the equals of the old Lion of the Galaxy or the Narn Regime. Even the mighty Minbari failed to defeat the Alliance.

The Alliance's strength is founded on EarthForce. The fleet's Hyperions and Omegas patrol the human colonies, while Explorers push out towards the rim. GROPOS troopers have fought on a hundred alien battlefields to keep humanity safe. Starfuries patrol the space above every world from Ceti Gamma to Sinzar. As the Alliance grows and the alien races grow more jealous of humanity, the need for military strength grows ever greater.

"We had to stop them, .. no matter what it cost. They came at us out of nowhere. We never had a chance. The sky was full of stars and every star an exploding ship -- one of ours."

EarthForce needs you.

The EarthForce Campaign Sourcebook describes the history, deployment and organisation of EarthForce, complete with ranks, regulations, equipment and missions for everyone from the lowliest groundpounder to the Joint Chiefs. It also includes a full campaign structure that can be used as a once-off adventure or a fully-fledged epic campaign centred on EarthForce.

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