Modern: 13 Vehicle Spells PDF (d20 Modern)


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by Michael Hammes

Given that vehicles are such an important part of the modern world, and will likely remain so in the future, it would be only natural for spellcasters to develop spells that affect vehicles. While there are a handful of vehicle-based spells in the Modern SRD, there is certainly room for more.

Presented as part of our Modern series, it's important to note that these spells can affect futuristic vehicles -- including various hover vehicles -- which makes this a suitable supplement for those using our Future PDF series. The spells in this 7-page PDF are designed for vehicles. That is, motorcycles, hover trucks, cargo vans, ambulances, aircraft, boats, etc. Although not designed specifically for starships or mecha (starships and mecha are not considered vehicles in the Future SRD), there is nothing preventing the GM from allowing the spells in this PDF to be used to affect either of them.

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