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Cover Date Aug 2004 Shipped to Subscribers 22 Jun 2004 Appeared on Newsstands 13 Jul 2004

Dungeon features the very best official Dungeons & Dragons adventures each and every month. Issue #113’s offerings include:

Practical Magic
A Forgotten Realms adventure by Jason Nelson
An investigation into a wizard’s disappearance leads to tangles with an unusual mermaid soothsayer and her obedient servitors, a tattoo-covered magical ghoul, and the deadliest necromancer the city of Marsember has ever known. For 9th-level characters.

Foundation of Flame
Adventure Path Part 8
By Chris Thomasson
All hell breaks loose in the city of Cauldron, as a long-dormant volcano sputters to life. The heroes must deal with the terrible consequences, ushering citizens to safety and negotiating fiend-filled streets littered with collapsed buildings. And with the death of the Lord Mayor, who will lead what’s left of the city? For 15th-level characters.

The Queen with Burning Eyes
An Eberron adventure by James Wyatt
Take your first exciting foray into D&D’s newest campaign setting with a deadly foray into Sharn, City of Towers. Descend into the ruined undercity to face the legacy of the daelkyr, aberrations from the evil plane of Xoriat, and come face to face with the Queen with Burning Eyes! For 1st-level characters.

Plus the last Dungeon installment of Polyhedron features a new preview of d20 Future, the Knights of Holy Shielding for the Living Greyhawk campaign, and a review of the RPGA Network’s Winter Fantasy convention

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The Queen with Burning Eyes is still one of my favorite adventures in Eberron. Outside of the Forgotten Forge, it's one that I keep in my hip pocket to run for new groups. I'm so glad that Paizo still carries these!

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