Ultramodern Firearms Hardcover (d20 Modern)

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The best ever RPG gun resource is back! Chameleon Eclectic's original Ultramodern Firearms was a marvel of research and illustration. Now author Charles Ryan, fresh from his work on the Wheel of Time RPG and d20 Modern for Wizards of the Coast, has revisited Ultramodern Firearms and updated it for the d20 System. The text is written for gamers, not gun enthusiasts, so it is clear, well-organized, and easy to use, focusing on the features, advantages, and uses of over 300 weapons and sights. Over 200 precise illustrations complete the package. Ultramodern Firearms is an indispensable resource for any contemporary d20 game.

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Average product rating:

4.50/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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All you ever wanted to know about guns in one book


For me the book's most appealing attribute is that it collects a great deal of information on how firearms work in the real world and presents it in an entertaining fashion that even non-firearm enthusiasts may actually learn something. While there isn't a great differentiation between calibers, loads, and firearm models as the gun guys/gals may insist on, that is more a fault of the D20 game system's abstraction of firearms combat than the author's. As it is it is a great resource and likely the only book you needed to buy (and at $5 a terrific bargain) to understand how firearms work without resorting to investing in an armful of gun reference books costing 20 times the price.

If absolute detail is the objective, I would suggest GMs dig up a second-hand copy of Phoenix Command from Leading Edge Games which covers firearms and firearms combat in enough glorious detail to satisfy even the most demanding gamer.

A good collection


There are a lot of firearms covered in this book. I like it is been broken down into basic categories; hand, sub, long, and mounted guns; small, medium, and large caliber. I feel like the book could have been expanded to show the subtle differences between calibers and manufacturers. There are a TON of table pages, but the differences per weapon are FEW. I'll come off of my 'gun guy' soapbox now and say that for $5...if you use firearms from past to present day in your games, this is probably worth it.

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