Tomorrow Knights RPG

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In the near future, each major Corp has its own mercenary army, as well as technologically-enhanced operatives (via bionics, battlesuits, bioengineering, etc.). These agents are used constantly in covert action against uncooperative nations and competitive companies. There is constant competition between Corps and governments to overcome their "Merc-Gaps." Only these feuds and power struggles keep the United Corporate Council (UCC) from gaining total control of the world's economy. The Cold War has been revived, but the combatants are now divided by profit concerns much more concrete than the Iron Curtain ever was.

Based on the comic book series from Marvel's Epic imprint, this new roleplaying game brings all the action, adventure, and intrigue right to your gaming table! Tomorrow Knights utilizes a fast yet innovative game system that stays true to the darkly cinematic setting at every turn. The rulebook also features extensive information about the TKs Universe, from the events that shook the world to the technology used by the Corps. It's all here! Plus, you'll find loads of fantastic art by Roy Richardson and Rod Whigham—some of which has never been published before!

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