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These new 8"x11"x 3/4" trays hold about 1000 1/2 inch counters or about 175 gaming stones. The trays are designed to stack for easy storage.

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4.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Great tray for "Chit" games like Europa or other Divisional level games.


Hey all,

These work great for the type of games they were originally targeted for. GMT, GRD, GR/D, HMS, etc type game that have thousands of 1/2 inch "chits" / counters.

THey easily hold the 1000 pieces as advertised the only problem having them packed full like that is not very practical for playing the games.

Which means a game like Wavell's War, War in the Desert, and Balkan Front are Europa series games, I have them in 12 of the trays. The total chit count for these three games is 2,320 (Since Wavell's War reprints some of the Balkan Front counters). I use a total of 12 of the trays.

Sure they could fit in three trays but that would be combining things that would make it harder to actually use them to "play" the games.

When Total War comes out, (Reprint of Fire in the East Europa series), in the next couple of months it will have a counter count above 3500 so I'll probably need 18 or so.) Perhaps not so many since the more of the same type of unit (4-6 Russian Infantry Division, etc) doesn't have to be separated out in to its own box in the tray.

Hard to explain what I mean I guess.

Great product for what they were intended to be for.




As I have a huge collection of counters this was a must have.Its a pretty simple design,sturdy,closes tightly so the counters don't mix in their individual spaces nor do they fall outside.

If you have more than one of these you can stack them one on top of the other(the protrusions on the back of one, slip into the recess on the top of the other, so they take less space)

The price of each one is fairly low.(although if you don't have a hobby shop that can provide these near your residence you will still pay for shipping)

A downside is that you can fit up to large creature size counters(so you still need another box for the other creature sizes,such as Huge,Gargantuan etc)
Hence 3 stars.

Anyone bought one of these? I have a lot of counters from both Dungeon magazines and Fiery Dragon Productions (for Ptolus & Arcana Evolved). After I cut up the cardstock sheets to nab individual counters, I'm often at a loss as to what to do w/ them for storage purposes.

I'd like a way to organize them so I can easily get to something for an encounter. Would this product do the trick? A little hard to tell much from the picture. Thanks.

Personally I use snap lock bags to sort my counters out. Just sort them into relevant categories like undead, aberrations, PC types, etc., and label them as such. I do the same thing for my D&D minis.

Olaf the Stout

Olaf the Stout wrote:

Personally I use snap lock bags to sort my counters out. Just sort them into relevant categories like undead, aberrations, PC types, etc., and label them as such. I do the same thing for my D&D minis.

Olaf the Stout

Thanks for the reply/suggestion. These trays are so inexpensive I will probably just buy a few and see if they work for my purposes. I'm trying to stay away from minis, so if they work for my counters, then great. But now I have a plan "B"...

Scarab Sages

I have hundreds of counters for creatures and map elements, from WOTC, Fiery Dragon, Games Workshop, etc.

I've been using a toolbox with removable pots, which are held in place when the lid is locked.

It works sort of OK, but I usually make sure it travels flat, rather than swinging it by the handle, as thin counters have a habit of jumping trays. Can't complain, since it was designed for screws and such. Maybe time to add a thin layer of foam...?

i have thousands of counters for various war games, and i have used these types of trays for about 2 decades. i dont remember them being this expensive though. they are great for keeping the counters seperated and orginized. its much easier to find the right counters with them, and as long as you put the dead units back right, they will be organized from the git-go

For this product, definitely buyer beware. I received mine today and they are much smaller than the picture appears, and due to the structure of the lid to create thier stacking system, you lose about half of each compartment to "lid indentation", which is very difficult to see from the photo. For reference, only 6 "town portal" counters from Descent will fit in one compartment and still allow the lid to close, so really unless your game uses very small counters, or only has a few counters of any type you would want to divide out, I would steer clear and look for an alternative. Yes they are cheap...don't hope you are getting more than you are paying for.

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