Dungeon Issue #55

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Cover Date Sep 1995

Savage Beast
by Ron Poirer
This mom gives new meaning to the term "leftovers." An AD&D adventure for character levels 1–3; 10 total levels.

by Christopher Perkins
A custody battle in the Cage becomes a job for the PCs. An AD&D Planescape for character levels 6–9; 36 total levels.

Tulips of the Silver Moon
by Steve Loken
When the citizens of Tangreen say "Don't pick the flowers," they mean it. An AD&D adventure for character levels 5–7; 30 total levels.

Sea Wolf
by Lisa Smedman
A pleasant little sea voyage turns deadly. An AD&D Ravenloft adventure for character levels 4–6; 18 total levels.

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Has got to be one of my all-time favorite Dungeon adventures. It's a huge adventure in Sigil, 2e., really interesting story about an extraplanar custody battle. It's a melding of an interesting idea AND a good adventure, and the Tony DiTerlizzi art all over the place makes it a must have.
This adventure fired me up on Planescape back in the day.

Liberty's Edge

I remember Umbra. I was playing a lot of Rifts at the time, and converted this adventure to Palladium. It's one of my all time favorite Dungeon adventures.
Wow, what a trip down memory lane.
Everybody says that Palladium has power creep issues, but I killed a dragon player character with my modified Umbra adventure. I guess the power creep war between dm and player...

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