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NemisCassander wrote:

The action economy is, indeed, the most important revision in Pathfinder 2E and the reason to play it.

Honestly, something that would be amazing is if they would embrace it more fully and give most if not all spells the 1/2/3 action commitment that only a few spells (such as Magic Missile and Heal) get currently. Very similar to how 5E made heightening spells easy and a clear way of gaining power, leveraging the action economy to make spellcasting more flexible (and hopefully not more powerful) would be quite useful.

I disagree; in that while of some use in itself; one could simply play PF1 with the unchained action economy rules to get largely the same benefits.

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definitely a design choice; the entire design of p2 seems to center around having minimal variation between different characters of the same level. Not just attack rolls, but also stuff like defenses, ac, skill rolls, there's very very few ways to modify them, and they're all tightly regulated. No more stuff like skill focus to get a +3 to one skill.
So the expected values for say, a lvl 10 rogue, will be very similar no matter how they're built.

It also makes me wonder though: where's the 11? with the default rules you can't get 11 in a stat. The numbers are chosen for purely legacy reasons; but odd numbers below 18 basically don't exist in the new stats system. Seems odd to use numbers like this but then ignore half of them. For us long-term users we know it exists for legacy reasons/compatibility; but for a new player, one might wonder why the intervening numbers can't exist.

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it being gencon weekend doesn't seem like an adequate excuse to me. All this stuff should've been ready long before.
While I accept that mistakes happen, it doesn't reflect well on any release, even a playtest, when it's missing basic components like this. (and it's not the only missing basic component imho; the rulebook has a severe lack of examples to help demonstrate things, and the set of stuff in the download doesn't include a selection of cheat sheets. There should really be 2-8 pages of cheat sheets aka quick reference things to help with new stuff like what all the conditions and basic actions are. Having quick references like that the table is a huge help when running a new system)

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While I haven't gotten enough testing to be sure; it seems like chain lightning could potentially hit hundreds of creatures or even thousands in a massed army.
none of the other spells seem to have quite as much potential to wipe an army, though aoe is of course great vs armies. But chain lightning could kill every enemy in a 500-foot radius as long as they're close enough to make a path through them all. (and in an open field environment so you can get line of effect to them all).
It just seems like an excessive potential compared to the other spells I've seen.

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I'm not really up to the level of the top homebrewers I've seen on this and other forums; but I may as well make something up for fun anyways.