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Can't wait! Any word on which, if any, flip mats will be used with this one?

Running this later this week + wanted to clarify a few points of confusion I had at the Kotargo Lodge when prepping. As I am a relatively inexperienced GM, so I appreciate any insight, thanks!

The Party:
Do the PCs make a single job check for the party? Same for diplomacy rolls? I was envisioning it would look like having players roll initiative (or going around the table) making job checks (and providing colourful narration of the results, often incorporating Zig), and allowing them a diplomacy roll if they'd like for information. Should they have time to do anything else during the party or should you then go into the staredown, followed Roderick encouraging the PCs to talk to the Captains to get them headed to Kotargo?

The Records:
The PCs head to the Kotargo Lodge to recover records of Phlegos's misdeeds. On pg 7, in area A1 (The Storefront) PCs can convince Lobda to "give up the records the PCs are looking for" with a skill check or bribe. How do these records differ from the books that are in area A3 (The Office) with Snide? Specifically, if the PCs get the records in the storefront, what encourages them to enter the warehouse to seek out the book?

The Warehouse:
I know this was already asked but I'm still a little unclear. If the PCs get the password from Lobda + respond to the tough's hail, does that mean they let their guard down + begin to talk to the PCs? The text implies they'd be suspicious as they weren't expecting anyone. Does it just buy the PCs a round or two to prepare for combat/bluff/etc?

Pike's Headquarters:
In the southern building, which part of the building are the slaves kept? I assumed it was the SW corner. Bonus question, could the PCs feasibly approach the Headquarters via a boat + enter from the dock side?

Thanks again for such a fun adventure! Excited to run it.