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There is no better way to learn Pathfinder


I have been running DnD 5e games x4 a week for 6 years, 3 of those years I have been dming professionally as a way to supplement my income. I have spent ££££ on maps, music, art and modules during these years to try and deliver as premium an experience as possible.

I am utterly humbled by how much higher quality this module is than anything else I have at my disposal. The quality of art, maps, ambient music and automation "out of the box" is nothing short of extraordinary.

I have moved to Pathfinder 2e from 5e about a month ago and have ran this module 3 times. I cannot recommend this purchase enough.

The way the adventure is written is also designed for your party to learn the system one step at a time. The first combat introduces basic actions, then second saving throws, the third concealment etc.

Very, very impressed.