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"If this target is evil, the paladin adds her Cha bonus (if any) to her attack rolls and adds her paladin level to all damage rolls made against the target of her smite. If the target of smite evil is an outsider with the evil subtype, an evil-aligned dragon, or an undead creature, the bonus to damage on the first successful attack increases to 2 points of damage per level the paladin possesses. Regardless of the target, smite evil attacks automatically bypass any DR the creature might possess."

Now I am aware that the intent of smite evil was likely only to apply to the paladin, but with the wording the way it is the RAW interpretation is that any damage roll against a smote target gets the paladin's level in damage and bypasses DR. This is outrageously strong and how we have been using it in my campaign (I am the paladin). Looking over the aura of justice class feature and also the oath of vengeance archetype feature powerful justice it is very clear the intent of smite evil isn't to give the bolded benefits to the party out of the box but require the use of the two mentioned class features to do so.

Has there been any official developer response to this silly wording?

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I was thinking about purchasing one of the goblin squad packages from the store and was comparing it with the kickstarter benefits. I've noticed there was no mention of destiny's twins in any of the packages. Is this going to be restricted from anyone who missed out on the kickstarter?

Specifically the whole aspect of selling at half and buying a new item at full. Doing this repeatedly will drag you behind WBL substantially, which might not be a problem in homebrew campaigns but can potentially be an issue in structured ones.

So, how do you handle this? Do you go with the PFS rules of upgrading items by paying the cost between the market value? Or do you have your players sell their gear at half and buying at full price, only allowing crafters the benefit of upgrading items?

Edit: Following WBL or at least the structured rewards from the AP is fairly important to this group so please do not reply with "Play whichever way is fun" or "WBL isn't important" and other similar responses.


Emergency Force Sphere

The 5 foot radius allows you to fit another medium creature in any of the 4 cardinal directions away from you. Would they get a save to not get trapped? The spell does not state that. Also Arcane Archer abuse, imbue arrow emergency force sphere and shoot the square they are standing in. AC 5, impossible to miss, bam they have a sphere around them. Do they get a save?

Another example:

Wall of Stone

This one provides a reflex save when you use it to trap someone under or within the wall itself, but what about if you form the wall around their square? What about two squares away? When do they not get a reflex save anymore?

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From what I've gathered people are under the impression that zombies lose the creature's base natural armor when becoming a zombie. As a skeleton I can understand, you lose all of that outer shell that composes your natural armor, but a zombie keeps everything, and you can even keep the corpse fresh and the natural armor undecayed by using gentle repose.

Is this how it is supposed to be? This seems foolish if true, as an example I raised a giant turtle and his natural AC was enormous, following the zombie page it would suddenly drop to +4 down from +19, is that correct? His shell suddenly turns into papier mache?

What are the rules using melee (or natural) weapons against walls made of stone. This is obviously most relevant to the spell created version since that's the time you'll be worried about when to smash it. The rules for ranged (half) and energy (half) are explicit, but the melee weapon rules are less clear. It states that the weapons must be designed for smashing stone (pick, hammer, etc), so a sword would be ineffective. What is ineffective? Half damage? And for natural attacks, I assume the same applies.

Does it need to be held or used in some way to spontaneously transform necromancy spells or just be on your person? It does not state that it needs to be held, and I don't know if there are standardized rules to fall back on in the case that the item does not clarify.

This is my first time playing Oracle, or any spontaneous caster and I'm finding it difficult to adjust to the restricted spell list that they have in comparison to my usual cleric who has everything available outside of alignment restrictions.

Any recommendations on "must have" spells for said oracle? We have a wizard for battlefield control and some buffing and a shapeshifting druid that can toss a spell or two when needed. Outside of the obvious animate dead, desecrate, create dead etc of course.

Regular untrained mounts have a check to control them in battle, I assume because they will get spooked otherwise. What are the rules on using some sort of animated dead as a "mount". Not restricted to horses obviously, could be a fast zombie dragon of some sort. Do they still need a ride check to keep them calm in battle or even to move them? Animated dead follow your commands by voice, not from manipulating a bridle.

Need a bit of clarification on how these classes interact with each other and what cleric abilities scale with Agent of the Grave levels and which don't.

I assume that you don't gain the actual cleric bonuses like the level 8 Undead Lord negative healing bonus until the Undead Lord class hits level 8 but what about things like:

Command Undead channel? Do you only have your cleric levels worth of HD to control instead of having cleric levels plus every Agent of the Grave level save the first bringing that up to 9HD at 5 Undead Lord/5 Agent of the Grave?

The save of Command Undead channel is DC 10 + 1/2 cleric level + CHA, would this "cleric level" be unaffected by Agent of the Grave spell casting level increases?

Corpse Companion, this one I assume is not affected by Agent of the Grave it seems fairly discrete but it's good to ask anyway.

If the Agent of the Grave prestige class spell caster increases do not affect these abilities then it does not seem like a very useful prestige class for intelligent undead use, only hordes of mindless undead which can get unpopular at the table when your turns take too long.

Edit: Also as an aside but slightly relevant, Command Undead channel has a maximum number of controlled undead equal to the stated HD right? Or is that per cast with unlimited amount you can control as long as they don't will save?

With a RAW reading a burrowing bullet can, without fail, stagger a Red Great Wyrm making him significantly less deadly, or pretty much any enemy in the game as long as you can hit touch AC (lol). No saving throw, no nothing.

Is there a more reasonable way to interpret this? Stupid guns.

Do they just meditate and magically get an animal companion like druids do?

Edit: Also do druids (and therefore rangers) have to be in an appropriate place to get an animal companion or can they meditate in the middle of Waterdeep to get a Tyrannosaurus?