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Is there room for one more? I've been pondering rolling up a magus - this seems like a good opporunity.

Anybody else recruiting for some mid-level games soon? My gameday games that ran long are just now finishing up and I've got a hankering to jump right back in. Looking for something for a 7th level character.

I'm still here - have my character built on paper but not online yet. I'll create the alias and hop into the gameplay thread tonight.

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Tusk the Half-Orc wrote:
My daughter had this idea for a cheerful, chaotic good cleric of Groetus that I really like. The cleric happily goes on adventures, and is just SO EXCITED TO SEE HOW IT ALL TURNS OUT! ISN'T IT EXCITING? WE’RE GONNA GET TO SEE HOW EVERYTHING ENDS!

This reminds me a bit of a character concept that I had (and am actually playing). A CN Wizard focusing on summoning. Went to the Acadame in Korvosa. While there accidentally messed up a spell and ended up glimpsing into the void. He went quite insane, and now secretly worships Nylarthotep. He joined the Pathfinder Society to search for rituals and relics that can help him usher Nylarthotep into the world, and prevent the other old gods / threats to Golarian from getting here first.

He spends most of his time ranting about how we are all doomed.

nightdeath wrote:
This sound vaguely familiar........

That would be because you are one of the players in the aforementioned game.

I am currently in a group working our way through the Emerald Spire superdungeon. We started the fourth level and our GM has disappeared ( gone for ~ 2.5 weeks with no word). I don't necessarily know if the group is ready to ask for a backup GM yet, but I was hoping someone could tell me if we are far enough into the level to get a backup GM if that is the way we want to go, or just scrap the whole thing and move on. Can someone who has played or run the mod take a look at the spoiler below and tell us if it is worth getting a new GM to come finish the level out for us?

Description of where we are on level 4 of superdungeon:

We entered the level, talked to some troglodytes. They gave us a tour, showed us their gross meat cauldron and kept vaguely talking about their god. Eventually they showed us their god (the weird magnetic box thing). Where we ended, we had gone up to the previous level, gathered up a bunch of pots and pans and other metal to make a sacrifice. We came back and made the sacrifice (tossing a bunch of metal onto the magnetic box). This is when our GM disappeared - we haven't had any combat on this level, but we have had a decent amount of RP. Maybe this is just an atypical level that is pretty combat light? Thanks for reading!

Hey guys! Not sure what I'll make yet - but probably something Martial. Either Ranger or Fighter most likely.

I've never played a game in Discord - do they tend to run faster than PBP games?

For anyone not paying attention to the other thread, Mike's Oath of the Overwatched is up here

Is everyone ok with Oath of the Overwatched? Any other suggestions?

What are OSP games?

Everyone might need to be a bit more diligent about posting, but I am confident we could squeeze one more in before game day. I'm happy to gm something, either death on the ice or something else.

Oath of the Ovrrwatched and Death on the Ice are the only two more on our list in the level range for this group, both of which Mike has already played, so maybe he should take the next game here. I'd probably prefer oath of the Ovrrwatched so I don't need to burn a replay (don't have many of those...).

I'd vote for #4. There should be plenty of scenarios we can play that don't require someone to sit out, but will go along with the group consensus.

I still think I'll go with a cleric... dont have a pure divine caster in PFS yet. I'll get him made up today and check in later today.

Yea, I can do an arcane caster too. I just recently started a Wizard, so I'd probably make a Magus. But if RxGus is willing to jump into the arcane, it seems like the divine casters kind of want to do non-healy things, so I think a Cleric would be warranted.

Hey all! Looking forward to this. That said - I don't have a specific character in mind, and am happy to build whatever the group is lacking. If most of the bases are covered, I am probably most inclined to build a cleric or an oracle.

Yea, Feral, can you post in Flaxseed that we are looking for one or two more? I'm itching to get moving!

For Daughter's Due, I've only got a level 6 Alchemist. I might play a pregen to fill whatever hole we need if we end up going high tier.

For Feral's mod, I'm going to be creating a level 5 Conjuration Summoner Wizard to bring along.

I played in the group with SodiumTelluride. Very cool module. Would recommend. I do think it is a good idea to play with a GM you know and trust - I've heard some horror stories of things being run wrong, or forgotten that result in party wipes and whatnot (which I somewhat understand - there are some very complicated bits to run in it).

There is no discussion thread for the other game yet, so I'm gonna ask here - what tier we looking at for reaping what we sow? Like I said before, I have an unmade level 5 I can bring, but I'm also happy to make a new level 1 if we want to go low tier.

I'm a bit limited on characters - I have a level 11 that is getting parked until some friends get to that level, then we are going to do an AP, and then right into Eyes of the Ten, so he's not really available. Beyond that I have a level 6 (almost 7), plus an unbuilt level 5 character (lots of pregens and some AP stuff in campaign mode...)

I've only played ~30 scenarios, so most things are still available for me. I'll try to get a PFS tracker set up to share in the next day or two. But other than Death on the Ice, I can play every scenario put up so far.

Guess I need to decide what to make now...

Leaning towards a Druid at the moment.

Kramac here - I have an alchemist currently playing in Solstice Scar (done in early may I think?) that I can bring. Alternatively, I have an unbuilt level 5 character I can bring along (Thinking druid, oracle, or skald for him).

Lots of monks in this group...

I've been wanting to start a sorceror - would love to get him going here. I post pretty frequently during the day Monday through Friday, and at least once on weekends.

Player name: yogadragon
Character name:TBD
Class/level: Sorceror 1

Just an FYI, I forgot that my family vacation coincided with the start of the gameday. I will do my best to nominally participte in this game this week, but it may fall by the wayside. I will be 100 percent back in starting next saturday, and should be able to post quite often after that. I hope this doesn't cause any major issues here. Still looking forward to it!

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I've got my Ranger built and ready to go. Will get an alias set up before we start.

Ok, Cool. I did play in two scenarios at Gencon, but both of them had cleric pregens in them, with no bards or druids, so I didn't have a feeling for the other healing options out there.

Ranger it is then!

So we have a Paladin, Bard, Druid, Wizard, and Barbarian? I'm just getting back to the forums after Gencon and haven't made my character yet. How is the druid at healing? Should I make a cleric to cover that base? My initial instinct is to make a Ranger, but I can make a cleric if we need the healing.

I'll probably do a druid.

I've dotted in now, so I should be more responsive since these will show up with new posts now.

What are the other two playtest scenarios? And are we allowed to play in them more than once? I think I'm signed up to play in one of them at Gencon...

Gameplay Thread!

Hello! Looking forward this. Also no idea what class I'll play.

I'm interested in joining one of these tables! Hopefully yours?

OOC/ Discussion Thread

Gameplay Thread!

Where is the tab that shows my active campaigns? When I go to my previous bookmark, it takes me to the main paizo site, and I can't find a button anywhere that takes me there?

I don't have any appropriate characters at the moment, but if you are still in tier 1 2, Is be happy to make a rogue or something to cover the traps base. Probably a tenth unclaimed rogue. If that's ok with you, I can be ready to go tomorrow around lunchtime CST.

As there doesn't appear to be a healer yet, I'll just use the Cleric pre-gen. Good ol' Kyra. I'll get a profile created and set up for her tonight or tomorrow during lunch.

I totally didn't forget about this game...

Anyways, the character I was going to play is currently in something else, but I can make a new one or play a pre-gen.

I'd like to toss my hat in as one of the experienced players as well. I would guess Abraham is potentially planning on using GM stars? Not sure if that is allowed for these modules or not...

Roger- sounds good. I'll probably post the intro post on monday so people can dot in and do character introductions, and we'll get going for real on the 25th.

I think I'm going to roll up an alchemist for this. Will update soon.

I left the character name on yours blank. What you do is, once you make your own character and they hit level 3, go ahead and apply it to that character. So just hang on to it until you have a character high enough level to use it.

Hey guys! I will be making a new character for this, so not quite sure what I am going to play yet. I'll try to decide this week.

You definitely got your money's worth out of Spear of Purity this game.

I misread his post and thought he said 'I'm going to do it first come first served', and then read the second half, and was confused. But decided to just sign up rather than try again at proper reading comprehension.

GM Crunch wrote:

Okay, here's the deal. I am looking for a fourth player for my run of We Be Goblins Free (Core), and a potential fourth for my standard table. Remember, this module is not an evergreen like We Be Goblins or We B4 Goblins, and it can be applied to levels 3-5 characters. The standard position is tentative, as the player I currently have slated for sacrifice the game has yet to respond and may have forgotten. Both positions are for Chuffy Lickwound.

As there is only one spot per table, I'm not going to do the recruitment first come, first served this time. Rather, you can sign up here for either spot. I will close the recruitment and do a lottery for the two positions when I return from work and enjoy a delicious gluten-free donut (about 1700 PST). I'd prefer no one signed up for both tables, and not a huge slew of people put their names in the hat, as that would lead to more disappointed people.

Here's hoping I haven't scared you off, and I look forward to gaming with you!

I tossed my name in the hat too for the standard, even though you said you'd be doing first come first serve. Is this for a game starting nowish, or for the game day?

Can you please cancel my adventure path subscription? I signed up for the Ironfang Invasion AP, and would like to cancel now that that is finished.


I'm a little late to the party. I'm interested in being involved in the Solstice Scar in some way. Either GMing or Playing. I've added myself to the waitlist for players - can I add myself to the GM waitlist, or would you like to keep more control over the GM list?

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