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I'm working on a list of short adventure ideas for a number of reasons. I wanted to find a way to get my PCs more involved with the other Children of Westcrown (Loyalists of the Throne in my game), and provide a measure of character and ambition to the other NPCs who have been taking on background roles. It helps to create the sense of a network of compatriots doing what they can within the scope of their abilities, passions and interests. The other 'Children' are members of the community, and they certainly have their ears to the ground while the PCs are questing under it. Additionally, my game has 8 regular players, and the adventure-as-written spreads XP around a little thinly; these adventures help me boost their levels a little in a matter more interesting than sending swarms of Shadows at them every night. I'm interested in what ideas you guys might have in this regard.

These adventures should all further the cause of the Children of Westcrown in some manner; the overall impact of them should be simultaneously minor (so as not to overshadow the efforts of the PCs) and tangible in the community (so as to make them worthwhile to accomplish).

The structure of these adventures suggests that there is a particular NPC 'child' that is the catalyst for the adventure, with a number of others on board for the mission should the PCs look for additional help. Additionally, they should be pretty open in terms of what level the PCs take on the task (with options for scaling to higher levels).
Let's see some of your ideas! Follow the structure or create your own and let's see what we get.

**Additional ideas: These adventures can have some far-reaching implications for the fame and reputation of the Children of Westcrown; consider offerring a Fame Point for the completion of one (or two for easier missions). For a change of pace, or if the PCs decide they are too busy to help with such tasks, if any of these NPCs have gained class levels from experience or mentorship (as suggested in Pathfinder #25) consider distributing their character sheets to your players for a night or part of your game session, and have them take up the roles to run these missions, using the suggested NPCs. My players often complained about 'how useless' these NPCs were; putting my players in their shoes helped gather a little more respect for them, and it meant that the PCs did not have to take time off from their own adventures to help with such minor concerns.

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