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This is a wonderful, loving, supportive post, and showcases one of the reasons that I love Paizo so much. I may be cis, and 5E may be my system of choice these days (busy mom, teaching kids, juggling moderating duties), but damn if I don't want to play in your sandbox again! <3 Especially soothing after spending another afternoon trying to support my genderqueer siblings-in-games on largest DnD5thEd FB group. So much hate left, or at least so much noise left by the remaining haters. I'm glad your celebrations and stories and supporters drown them out more and more!

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Rathendar wrote:

Hmm, these remind me a lot of the map tiles when 4E did the heavy miniatures combat focus. [/QUOTE

Dungeons & Dragons recently released the latest version of those, called Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated (official release date isn't for another 3 days, but even up here in Canada they've been in-store for a couple of weeks or more). They include 16 sheets of double-sided tiles, and are expanded versions of their 4E D&D Essentials line, the Dungeon, City, and Wilderness Dungeon Tile Master Sets. From the unboxing pictures I've seen, they've incorporated other 3.X era-sets into each of those boxes, since those 4E boxes had only 10 sheets.
Heck, Jason Engle may very well have been the artist for those original D&D tiles as well, because he was a big artist for 4th Edition, and did a lot of cartography for Dungeon magazine in that era, apparently.

Even though I loved the artwork on the D&D tiles, and thought I'd get a lot of use out of them, really I haven't. They aren't very practical, and layouts - while very customizable - are also very time consuming. Sorting or hunting through them for just what you need, takes a little too long... and it's a pain to have to lay them all out in the middle of a game as well..

These new Pathfinder tiles have three main advantages that I can see. One, they match the existing artwork of recent & current map packs and flip-mats - at least as well as can be expected. Two, the larger size and fixed shape, while it means they are somewhat less versatile, also means it's a lot quicker, easier, and more stable for layout at the table. Third, only Paizo has taken the trouble to make their mats, map packs, and tiles safely useable for wet-, dry-, and non-eraseable (permanent ) markers!

Oh, and a fourth, which should be obvious to anyone on this site - Paizo is still much more responsive and communicative with its customer base. Like Avis Rent-a-Car, their motto as number two is "We Try Harder"...

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Last year they had the Great Golem sale in November, when there was a lull in subscription releases, so they wanted to keep the warehouse people occupied as well as bump sales. I'm not quite sure why they switched to an earlier, busier month this year.

However, whenever I've had a shipping problem, the CS staff have been very helpful as soon as they've heard. Paizo is a solid, customer-friendly and -oriented company from all I've seen and experienced, even if I'm playing D&D more often nowadays.

And wally, as you are quoting somebody else's issue, not your own, you don't have the whole story. Having suffered through similar authorization difficulties with my own CC on a few occasions, I've seen that Paizo doesn't offer that notice until they've been trying & re-trying the authorization a couple of times already. IF if was just the first time, they'd be shifting and retrying on the next subscription ship-out. Two months in a row, and they warn you the whole order may be cancelled 60 days later if not resolved. Take a look at the order numbers in the threads, and you may get a sense of just how many orders are being processed, and really how few of them are going awry. If you've a specific order of your own going wrong, offer up the details, and I'm sure CS will sort it out as soon as they can. Until then, give them the benefit of the doubt - they are nice people, trying hard...

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Jason Nelson wrote:
I must state for the record that any reference to a specific game in the product tags or product groupings for this product has been added for organizational purposes by the online retailer, Paizo Inc. Legendary Games claims no affiliation with any other company and makes no reference to any specific roleplaying game in this product or its product description.

Well, that's hardly true. In your email promoting a sale of your Pathfinder-compatible products on a competing site, Legendary Games says the following:

"The only products not included are the two adventures we are releasing this GenCon for use with the 5th Edition of the world's most famous roleplaying game. There are no dungeons in them, nor dragons, but The Murmuring Fountain (5th Ed) and The Fiddler's Lament (5th Ed) both provide excellent 1st-level adventures with a delightful splash of horror and mystery. Grab your brand-new Basic Set or Player's Handbook and take your new 5th Edition characters for a spin in these darkling fantasy adventures from industry legends Greg Vaughan, Clark Peterson, and Jason Nelson!"

The only thing that was not done was spell out Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition directly, while referring to it as closely as possible, in every which way possible. You are at the very best being disingenuous, if not dishonest or worse.
The product may itself be good (hard to say, particularly as to its compatibility, as only the PHB and some Basic Rules have been released of D&D5E so far), but the promotion leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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Oh, and the best source of D&D/Pathfinder jokes on a daily basis is
Out of Context DnD.

You can read the webpage (above) or subscribe to it on tumblr. Several good giggles/chuckles/lols a day, though you may want to filter out the non-jokes.

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23) Someone insults the over-sensitive cook's signature dish, and he turns out to be better skilled at brawling anyway...

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MMCJawa wrote:

Just another comment to add to the mix, but Paizo does a pretty good job of reprinting AP and companion content in other sources, rather than just whole scale reprinting APs

Inner Sea Gods will compile and updates all the AP articles on the core deities (and I am guessing a lot of stuff from the books of the damned, etc.)

A good chunk of every bestiary are monsters that previously debuted in campaign setting or AP books.

Ultimate Campaign collates and updates a lot of rules systems from previous books (Kingdom building, mass warfare, etc).

So really...only the actual adventures run the risk of disappearing forever. Anything not specific to that game shares a fair chance of showing up somewhere else down the road.

As someone coming late to the game, I am glad that much scattered throughout the APs, etc. will be eventually collated into the hardcovers. But, I am even more glad that thanks to PDFs, none of the adventures (APs/modules/scenarios, at least) won't vanish. AFAIK, only the card decks (some of which do get reprinted/revamped) and Compleat Encounters are in true danger of disappearance.

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YourSwordisMine wrote:
Today was rather interesting, and a first for me as a gamer. Which, I am rather proud of how the day turned out.

This is awesome, and inspiring. I love particularly how you gave her the BBox when you were done; sharing the hobby is the best part, be it with friends or strangers.

I played a couple of AD&D games as a kid, with a friend of the family 4 years older than me. Sadly, I didn't have another opportunity until this year to play a tabletop RPG, almost 30 years later. While it's difficult getting a group together, I picked up the BB, am slowly going through it and the enormous amount of info on Pathfinder and Golarion. So far, I've played 3 PFS games, but my only GMing experience has been leading first my son, and then my husband through the solo adventure. Complete with maps and minis, tho ;)

My son is only seven, but he's had a blast (despite far less luck with the dice than Amiri), and he's eager to play again. Right now I'm in the midst of designing an adventure tailored to him, before leading him through BlackFang's dungeon later this month. It's so much fun to play with enthusiastic people, keen to learn and roleplay.

Thanks for the story!

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Here's an excellent tutorial on how to turn the Pathfinder paper minis into Pathfinder-style pawns:
http://rpghacker.com/rpg-hobby-games/diy-pathfinder-beginner-box-style-pawn s/

I've not done it myself though, as once I discovered the One Monk* style (full front & back paper minis with interchangeable stands, etc.) I can't go back to paper standees like these. The mirrored-backs are scarcely any better than solid sillhoutte backs.

I _REALLY_ wish that Callous Jack/Paizo would spring for double-sided minis. I love Callous Jack's art (the earlier minis I can pass on), they are Pathfinder-specific, and they fill gaps most other mini-makers don't (like townsfolk & other NPCs).

As it is, I'll only be picking up a set, maybe two at the most. They are almost, but not quite, worth the conversion on my own to full front-and-back.

* see the Cardboard Warriors forum for many publishers of papercraft miniatures, maps, and terrain.