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Something applealing and something differnt.


The idea of a inn setting. where most adventures take place. was long in coming. few of the figure are in some sort of 'action pose'. Nicely done. I never seen one play about getting a bed. Now he plan on building a inn diorama
The nit i would pick is none are sitting down. Now the table are set to accommodate a character standing up. but a table 'and' chairs.
I was also have expecting some sort of canteen band. although a bard was in one set.
'(yes collecting a passed out drunk would be something. but what a better way to spy or gather information.)

one series I would like to see is mounted and unmounted. Hero on his mount or even a druid riding his/her animal companion if need be. Some looking regal other comical. Maybe even a pack mule. or pack horse. unlikely a pack centaur/ guide.
a side bar to this would be fantastical mounts. creatures with a saddle. Elephant dragons. wyverns. etc