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My favourite Tale so far (sorry, Death's Heretic)


Liar's Blade main strengths are dialogue and character. Roderick and Hrym's (how do you pronounce that, anyway?) banter makes for a fast, engaging "buddy-movie" fantasy story, where if you had told me it was written by Joss Whedon I wouldn't have called you a liar.

The thing that makes it truly stand out amongst fantasy novels, though, is a protagonist (and his wielder) who thinks like a gamer.

Sure, he's a loveable, rougish anti-hero, but he's also always looking for the next twist along with the reader, and you never feel like he's holding the idiot ball for the sake of the plot.

For everyone who's ever listened to a room full of players trying to out-guess the adventure, and wondered why the characters in most books, TV and movies don't, this book's for you.

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The Pregens are dead. Long live the Pregens!


tl;dr If you want pre-generated characters for Carrion Crown, this is money well spent.

I like pre-gens. As a GM, it's nice to be able to just plop down some characters in front of your players and start playing, rather then spend hours as players fight over books and equipment lists, only to make characters wildly inappropriate to the adventure's theme. With pre-gens, you can jump straight into the game, and if a player doesn't like a character, they can make the changes they want between sessions, like a TV pilot being recast.

And these, these are nice pre-gens. Far, far better than the ones that used to come with Paizo APs. Detailed with compelliing back stories and plot hooks, they are perfectly designed for the AP.

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Much better when the stores are open...


By itself, this Flip-Mat is not one of the best Paizo has made. The "bird's-eye" street view is fairly dull and uninteresting, as most of what you see are rooftops, The layout of the buildings is too bland, neither following a "high street" layout, which would have been useful for many city encounters, nor clustered in a cramped, "old-world" style, which would have made for interesting rooftop chases. The overall blue-grey colour scheme is also a little uninspired, as it implies too much concrete for a quasi-medieval city (maybe a brown or green look would be better?) Still, the colour (and the little touches like sewer grates), allows you to use it for more modern settings as well. The Flip-Mat also has a blank (or rather, paved) flip-side, which is a deal-breaker for many.

Where the mat comes into it's own is when it's used along with GameMastery Map Pack: Shops, as then you can lift the roof-tops off the buildings and look inside. While an interesting concept, it seems like it would have been better to just draw the flip-mat with the inner layouts of the buildings visible, rather than the rooftops, and skipped the Map Pack altogether.

The city street map is one which has been done many times by many companies, and this product on it's own doesn't measure up to the best of them. Still, if the two products (the Flip-Map and Map Pack) were to be reviewed together, the rating would probably be one or two stars higher, though in that case it would be harder to justify the combined price for the ability to selectively look inside buildings.

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Nice, but not quite what it says on the tin


This deck is quite nice, with some gorgeous art, and intriguing and original takes on common items (like an owl-bear rug), but it's not specifically designed for the Kingmaker AP. Purchasers who are looking for the next generic item deck for their collection will enjoy it, but those looking for one to illustrate the unique items in the AP will be disappointed (I was).

Despite the detailed descriptions on the backs of the cards, they don't directly correspond to specific items in the adventures. Also, while the item description promises "newest and most lordly treasures," quite a few of the cards are for mundane items like a saw, or a bedroll. And while they do offer a complete list of the cards on the website listing, if you're only going by the back of the box, it's a little discouraging to find a ladder and a tent inside.

Part of the problem with the cards is endemic to Gamemastery Items cards in general: If you don't already know exactly how you're going to use these, you won't gain any insight after buying the product. Most players know what acorns or a saw look like, so it's not that useful as a visual aid, and the one card included as instructions does little to assist.

In short, if you already have a system for using Item Decks, this is a solid addition to your collection. If you don't, and you're just trying to spice up your Kingmaker game, save your money.

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