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Organized Play Character

Scarab Sages Ulthomen

Male Human lv1 Cleric (0 posts)


The Man of 1,000 Stitches
Liberty's Edge Aeron Vilman

male human lv2 barbarian (breaker), lv4 ranger (guide), lv 3 fighter (two-handed fighter) (23 posts)
Scarab Sages Atun Ramoon

male human barbarian lv1, ranger lv1, rogue lv2, fighter lv2 (17 posts)
Fire Elemental
B. Brother Press
(3 posts)
decoypoodle the III
(12 posts)
Baron Galdur Vendikon
Dlered Calvrisva

male Human lv1 bard (2 posts)
Fang Sandscale

Male Lizard folk lv1 barbarian (17 posts)
Henry Johnes Mason

male Mage (1 post)
Necropye Wraith
(13 posts)
Gelatinous Cube
jelly pooding cube
(16 posts)
Beltias Kreun
Leon Gilham

Male Human Lv1 Knife Master Rogue (3 posts)
General Dakovya
Lotio Castovel

Male Human lv13 cleric (5 posts)
Paper Golem
piazomatrix 1145
(3 posts)
Raviel Vangua

male human swarm shifter torment, blood, rust, fire skeletal champion lv3 rogue (rake) (64 posts)
Tallow Golem
ulgulanoth's hat
(46 posts)
Man with Only a Torso
Valletin Ra'ul

male human Inquisitor lv2 (39 posts)
Valoren von Hestenhous

male human lv2 urban ranger, lv2 rogue (3 posts)
Vors Ebrin

Male Human Bard lv1 (1 post)
Paracount Julistar
Walter Tungsten

male Human lv3 martial hero, hp25, AC18, CMD16, F+4, R+5, W+0, int+2 (88 posts)