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Good ideas poorly implemented


This adventure is mediocre and overall disappointing in that it fails to live up to its potential. It is definitely the weakest of the entire The Devil We Know series. None of the combats are very challenging. The beginning of the adventure starts of with the VO telling you to use your Pathfinder skills to find the entrance to the secret hideout but no such skills are necessary as you are essentially railroaded to the right spot. The random encounter with the twin brother of the BBEG from the previous adventure in the series seems completely pointless. The idea of someone creating mutant giant dire rats is cool and potentially scary, but the giant dire rats fail to deliver in the scary department when it comes to combat. The basic idea of the titular locker is imaginative, but overall fails to deliver. And, like the rest of the series, has nothing to do with The Devil We Know.

Still, there is nothing crushingly horrible about this adventure and there can be some fun had with it.

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Overall good adventure with some disappointment


This was an enjoyable adventure both when I played it and ran it. The monsters are somewhat bland and repetitive. Combat wise, it is not very challenging except for a battle in the middle. It's much tougher than the BBEG fight and can TPK a group of all 1st levels. The story, however, is good and gives a genuine feel of investigation rather than a forced feeling most investigation mods have.

My major disappointment in this adventure and the entire The Devil We Know series is that it fails to live up to it's concept. Having to deal with an enemy of the society in order to accomplish the mission is a great idea, but it is barely touched upon in the first adventure of the series and completely missing from the remainder. The series would have been far less disappointing if they had just named it something like, "The Kidnapped of Cassomir."


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Challenging is not a good choice for an intro.


I, as an experienced gamer, enjoy the challenge and well presented Egyptian theme of this adventure. And would otherwise have given it 4 stars. However, seeing as this was the Free RPG Day adventure which is supposed to be for new players to the game to try out, it is way too deadly, especially when run with supplied Pregens. So minus 1 star for that.

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Great opportunities for heroic role-playing


I just played this at GenCon under the author and it was a blast. The combats are not numerous but they are challenging. The adventure provides plenty of opportunity to make either heroic or non-heroic choices making this mod the anti-thesis of The Many Fortunes of Grand Master Torch, my least favorite adventure. There is plenty of opportunity for RP and lots of background regarding the World Wound and the Crusade against it. Definitely a great start for the Year of the Demon.

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