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I've never been in organized play so maybe it's answered there - but first to make sure I'm on the right path:

The Pathfinder Society as a whole is generally described as a multinational, multiracial organization dedicated to exploration and uncovering lost and hidden places and secrets. Materials and artifacts discovered are often sent to the Grand Lodge for safekeeping. New members are typically trained at the Grand Lodge over a period of time. Venture-captains get assigned lodges and can charge Society members to keep supplied if they're for the reason.

Venture captains also organize journals for submission to The Pathfinder Chronicles which the wiki described as an internal gazette, organized as chapbooks, sent to members with the more adventuresome exploits sometimes being leaked to the public - in the sense the organization's leadership doesn't publish them themselves. The leadership also expends not-inconsiderable effort to have anonymity within their own organization. Given the society's size and often varying philosophies, and the many, many ways to kill things on Golarion, this is a reasonable precaution.

So the question: Who pays for all this? The Society isn't necessarily distributing their member's findings at an organization level, and I don't think they give tours. While independent adventuring provides cash flow to venture-captains, this doesn't seem to get to the top level.

Is the Bank of Abadar sponsoring the Grand Lodge as a tax write-off? Do you sign over your will when you get your Wayfinder? A lot of stuff goes INTO the Society, but very little seems to be designed to go out, even to their field agents.

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Hmm - lot of help desk work, so probably some sort of Expert with Skill Focus (Diplomacy)

"Yes, it's okay - this happens to lots of people, just reboot."

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I've really enjoyed the Torius books, and looking forward to the next.

Is it just me, or has the scale of what's at stake been going up a bit lately in the novel line?

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Manji briefly regrets detonite - the party favor that ends it with a bang - is so remarkably stable and easy to carry - it's not like he can throw it like a grenade...