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Me and my group are all first time PF players and so we decided to start with RotRL, naturally!

We have one player in particular who is playing a Barbarian and isn't very strong at roleplaying, which has resulted in a lot of VERY wacky rp moments.

As his character hook, he said that him and his wife were traveling to Sandpoint to see the cathedral since they had gotten married there. Basically, I had her captured by Nualia, impregnated with a monster, and then they found her dead in the catacombs in a birthing pool I added to the map. Before this all happened, the player had been pretty quiet, going along with everyone else's plans and ideas. After this point, his character really "came to life."

1) he storms into the Fatman's Feedbag and smashes two random Sczarni in face, getting the group kicked out of the bar for life and raising the hackles of the town's criminal element.
2) he chooses to go down to the saw mill in the evening and starts hacking at logs in the river, only to get yelled at by Banny Harker who demands payment for the damage of property. His response is "Sheriff isn't in town" and continues to smash the log to bits.
3) Decides to go to the Two Knights brewery and rob it, only to find out that Gaven is there. He instead buys a barrel of booze and forces the man to give him a discount because he's a "hero of Sandpoint". He then took the barrel around at the "thanks for taking care of thistletop" party, got wasted, and drew a likeness of his wife on the barrel, calling it barrel wife the rest of the session.

Every time he looks at my map of sandpoint/businesses I get nervous about which NPC he is going to terrorize next, haha. Onto book two...