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A good mix of Pathfinder and D20 Modern


After running a campaign in D20 Modern hat mixed modern settings with fantasy elements I was looking to run a followup with Pathfinder's refined rule set. I came across this book and its followup regarding modern magic.

Character creation and advancement for the most part is wide open, allowing any combination of paths, archetypes, traits, difficulties, training, talents, feats, and skills. My only complaint is that the paths, which determine hit dice, skill points, and base attack and saves, are not varied enough, with half the paths being weaker versions of the other half.

The wealth system from D20 Modern is replaced with more concrete dollar values, with players earning money by performing profession skill checks at the end of each adventure. There is also a system for purchasing equipment on credit.

The skills section has a new set of modern crafting, knowledge, and profession skills, as well as rules on computer hacking.

The equipment section has everything you need to outfit a modern hero, including armor, guns, explosives, vehicles, general equipment, and poisons as well as rules on their usage.

The book also includes information on a couple of campaign models, including monster hunting and modern magic, as well as information on how to incorporate Pathfinder classes as archetypes.

Unfortunately, the book does have its fair share of typos and vague and incomplete rules, though an experienced GM should have little problem fixing and amending what's broken. At the same time, I recommend that less experienced GM's and players may wish to use the more complete D20 Modern system, at least until they have a firmer grasp of the D20 mechanics.

Overall, this is an excellent supplement for players who want to have adventures in modern settings. It lacks the polish of an official Pathfinder book, and is in some instances broken, but a GM who isn't afraid to make some modifications should be able to make do and fully enjoy running a campaign. Until Paizo makes an official Modern rule set, this is as good as it gets.