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Vic, I saw your earlier post on not having any PC tokens planned but is there any chance we might at least see the rest of the Iconics, that weren't in the Beginner Box, made in token form?

This was a great Friday reveal! I was really excited to see which Iconics would be included in this set.

Will there be any more PC-worthy minis in this set?

Those are awesome and I love your approach to what is common vs. uncommon vs. rare.

I can't wait to see what you eventually do with Gnolls. They are a part of the Pathfinder Bestiary aren't they?

I just joined the site to say thank you for this preview. As a longtime gamer, but one that skipped 3.0/3.5, I am very much looking forward to this box set.

It is pretty daunting looking at all of the huge books on the shelf now this will ease us in to the game. That and I've been enamored with box sets since I was 8 and my Brother and I cracked open our very first Moldvay Basic Set.

I was especially happy to see the part about the counters. I was wondering if there would be more pc worthy counters than the four pregens. Will all of the Iconics be represented on sheet of counters?