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A great book, but missing some art, methinks


This is a great volume, and a perfect balance of crunch vs. fluff. The city is described in vivid detail, and it makes for a very interesting adventuring area. I'm very, very tempted to take many of the best bits, if not the entire city, and plop it into my homebrew setting.

My only gripe with the book is with some of the art. All of the images a are beautiful and well done, as always, but I noticed a distinct lack of pictures of Kaer Maga itself! The image at the top of Chapter 1 is highly stylized and is pretty obviously not the real city, what with the mountain being made of skulls and the skyline not matching any of James Sutter's great descriptions. Chapter 2's first image is a rather nice view of a Downmarket bazaar, but the city is only in the background.

I really would have liked to see a painting or two of the city either from the outside, with a view of the monolith, or of some of the honycombed buildings that are Kaer Maga's architectural hallmark.

Still, don't let that deter you from buying this book. The city itself is a wonderful location, and I can't wait to use the Bloatmage prestige class against my players!