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One of our long time gamers is retiring from the group. We are looking for a replacement player.

Can game weekly on Wednesday nights (98% on this night but rarely on another weeknight if the group agrees on it)
Willing to play any character type.
Being intersted in GM'ing a plus.
Willing to drive to the Norcross/Duluth area. We game at my house every week due to its central location to the group.

We usually play the pathfinder AP's and are in the middle of Wrath of the Righteous. We usually swap between two AP's when one chapter finishes so each GM doesn't get too burned out. Finishing up Kingmaker with our retiring player GM'ing and I will be starting Skulls and Shackles next.

We are moderate rollplayers who like combat and RP about 60/40. Not min-maxers but we build very solid characters according to the rules.

If you live in the area and want to join a mature, very established group that games consistently every week (except for vacations) please read the spoiler and contact me. Thanks for looking.

Contact info:

terok11 at yahoo.com

This is the start for chapter 2...welcome survivors!

PBP thread

OOC discussion thread

Been a player quite a while on these boards and I am in several great games.

Decided it is time to give back to a group of players. I am currently GM'ing a tabletop Serpents Skull game and have time to add a PBP game. As a dedicated PBP'er I would appreciate applicants to be the same.

Here are the basics:

20 point buy.
2 traits, 1 must be from the SS players guide
Starting gold is max, you are being equipped somewhat
Core classes, races, and books. APG okay, other races, classes, spells or content will be allowed on an approval basis only.
Not a big fan of firearms or summoners so please don't submit one if you wish to be sonsidered.
Must be able to post 1-2 times daily, I am a frequent poster and would like to find player of like intentions.
Will be running 5 characters for this campaign, 1 slot is spoken for.
Submissions will be accepted until midnight 11/23/11. I hope to start the game on 11/28/11.

Submissions will be evaluated upon a slightly different criteria. Most submission are evaluated on background. I would like a small background but I would like you to spend your time/effort responding to the Pathfinder who is driving this expedition in a manner like an interview via a spoiler. Why should she pick you over someone else? The idea would be to weave your back story into why you would work well on her team. The best overall submissions will be chosen. See below for the intro and positions you hear about that she is seeking to fill:

Here Ye Here Ye!

Pathfinder Larissia Landor is seeking brave adventurers to accompany her for great discovery and wealth! Her mission is to explore an uncharted island to search for Azlanti ruins rumored to be on the island. Pathfinder Landor is seeking adventurers to fulfill the following jobs…

Bodyguard – Must be trained in weapons and combat, this job is to protect Ms. Landor’s person.
Scout – Must be able to live in the wilds, hunt, identify local dangerous wildlife, and have keen eyes.
Naturalist – Have a depth of knowledge about local flora and fauna. Must be able to deal with dangerous wildlife as well as assist in navigating the interior of the island.
Arcane investigator – Arcane knowledge is a must. Assist in identifying Azlanti ruins, script, magical barriers or spells. Assist in identifying more rare and exotic forms of life and cast arcane spells to assist the team.
Healer – Physician and surgeon for the group, assist with any wounds the teams members might suffer.
Ruins Delver – Must have skill to notice and disable ancient traps that might exist in the ruins, must be able to move with stealth to help scout both in the jungle and in the ruins.

Pay will be based upon an equal share of treasure found plus some equipment funds. Potential bonus for successful find of Azlanti ruins and the information brought back to the Pathfinder guild.

When you meet Pathfinder Landor she is meeting with various adventurers in a local dockside tavern. You pull up a chair and start to tell her your story...

In case you are wondering here is an example of a little of what I am expecting:

The name is Baggs Degrin mam'. Me shipmates called me Baggs. Well before they all got themselves dead that is. You see I was a mate on the Shrew. We wus on honest ship tradin and such. But the Captain was a real piece o' work. He was a slaver and thought us crew not much better. The captain used to bring me stuff, complex stuff. You see I have a natural knack for sneakin, and for finding the bad stuff, like poison and traps. You bring me along and you won't ave any worries about that kind of stuff. I am a survivor as well. I got the luck! Our ship wus attacked about 4 days out of port by pirates. My luck got me off the ship as she wus captured. The crew gotta be all dead but I grabbed me a barrel and set out on the water rather than being cut open like a fish.
Not three days later a schooner found me! Now that is the luck. You will see, bring me on this trip an' you 'll ave nothing but luck I tell ya! I can do the job...of scout or ruins delver or both. Give me a chance you will see mam!

Go ahead and post any questions you might have and feel free to check out my alias' for the type of campaigns I am in and expect to bring to this group of adventurers. Thanks for the consideration!

Durn the Wolf sits in a tavern minding his own business when a non-descript man walks directly up to you.
"You the son of Cedric, Durn the Wolf? Good, Lord Duranos requests you presence, I suggest you go. Show this to his men at the servants entrance." He tosses you a steel token, painted with a gold sword crest on the top and walks away without another word.

This is the thred for the Kingmaker - Dark Kingdom PBP discussion.
Let me know what questions you have. Probably have some feedback for the group so far to finish up characters.
I am also requesting an e-mail address from each of my group to send the link to the Google campaign site.

Here are the details:

Looking for 6 people, would prefer folks who are not already in PBP’s that have time to post at least a couple of times per day or more (when personal life doesn't get in the way). If you are a player in a PBP already, that is okay, but preference will be given to those who are not in one yet.

Kingmaker Campaign Arc
20 point buy (Ability score increases will occur more quickly than 1pt every 4 levels)
Core races and classes from Pathfinder
Non-evil alignments
Max HP at first
Max gold at first

2 traits, 1 should be from the Kingmaker player guide, but exceptions will be made if you give me a good enough character concept.

Background info for characters:
Dark Kingdom does not denote an evil campaign, more like just the overall atmosphere. There will be a lot of dark imagery in the campaign.
Characters don’t have to be good aligned but must have some motivation for wanting to further the goals of Restov though it might be for personal gain. Must like to roleplay as well as do combat, there will be plenty of both.
Character backgrounds can be varied, but the theme bringing you together is that Lord Duranos, Swordlord of Restov has chosen you for your certain skills to become part of a group that will be sent to an area known as the “Greenbelt” to bring law and justice. The main thrust of the group initially will be exploration, but you have heard that there will be opportunities to advance your position in life, potentially to a large degree. It is the opportunity, or maybe it is your duty that attracts you to the Swordlord’s invitation.

This will be my first PBP GM experience, but I have GM'd since 1981, Keep on the Borderlands, so I have plenty of overall GM experience.
Would like to complete the party selection by Next Thursday if I get enough interest.

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I would be interested to find out where other peoples parties located their base of operations and why?
For my group it was out of necessity. They thought about using Zellara's place (It is empty and I don't think Zellara would mind) but the Half-Orc fighter/wizard in the group was working as an enforcer for a group of criminals called the Velvet Hand (Yes kind of cheesy).
His boss found out that the group had the Queen's brooch (when they went to appraise it, the word got out on the street that they had it) and told him that he had to bring it to him or he would have him killed.
The group decided to take their chances and give it back to the Queen anyways. They are now targets and have already fought off one ambush. So they decided to move into the barracks for the short term as it offers them more protection and use it as their base of operations.

So I didn't really like the idea of Gaedren having a pet crocodile under the Fishery. The climate and location didn't really make any sense to me. Why wouldn't the sharks eat it or it just wonder off.
I decided to change out the Croc. for a much more interesting creature, a Reefclaw. I wanted to find a way to use them since they seemed like an interesting little creature. They have a low Int 5, but enough to possibly make a deal with someone who might keep it fed regularly in exchange to help protect Gaedren. I am sure it loves the taste of young human children, just like Veal :) I am sure.

Did anyone else decide to change out the crocodile for another creature?
Of course I have 5 people in the party so I had to add another HD to thr Reefclaw to make it a little more interesting...

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Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Korvosa (OGL) Print Edition
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This order has never arrived, can you confirm that this was shipped, I have not received this product.

So after over a year playing this campaign, half of my group fell apart. It has taken us about 3 months to get 2 new player to get us back up to 4 and a DM, but the group didn't really want to pick up at 17th level and pre-generate characters at that level for the new guys.
We are going to go ahead and start Curse of the Crimson Throne, but for the other 2 players I felt like I had to at least tell a small and dark tale about the last days of a group of adventurers who ended up saving the world or Greyhawk:

Joseph, Morban, Tavis, Dorn, and Sigil left on the Blue Nixie to travel to the Abyss in search of Lavinia and Vanthus. After following the trail to Demogorgon’s prison, Dividend’s Ire, they fought through 6 different Demonic factions that had taken over the prison and finally the Death Knight Vanthus to rescue Lavinia. They learned that Demogorgon’s plan to release the Savage Tide had not yet come to fruition, but was only a few months off. He was still gathering forces and waiting for the right moment to activate all of the Pearls to make him a supreme power in the Abyss, it was a conjunction of Chaos.
After learning some secrets from an ex ally of Demogorgon, the group found one of their only options was to ally themselves with some of the Demonic forces opposing Demogorgon by exposing his plan to them. These included; Ob-ox, Orcus, and Iggwilv to name the most powerful. The group somehow convinced them to join together and attack Demogorgon before he had a chance to release the Savage Tide and empower himself. As these Demons assaulted Demogorgon’s realm, the herioc group went in and faced down the Demon Lord themselves (by this time they would have been at least 20th lvl).

The exact fate of the heroic group is not fully known, too many rumors and not enough facts ever come from that realm but…Demogorgon was defeated, and the Savage Tide was destroyed. The mantle of Demogorgon’s realm, the crown to control part of Chaos itself was passed to another and the Abyss fell into full war and chaos. The tales are strange, some say that one of the group took on the Mantle of Demogorgon’s realm in an effort to change the Abyss, to save the ones they loved, and the rest of the group stayed by his side to fight the evil forces. Other tales say that after their time in the Abyss, they were changed forever, and lost any link they had to mankind back on Oerth.

The war did sunder the Abyss though for hundreds, maybe even thousands of year. Whoever took over the mantle of the layer of the Abyss eventually succumbed to the Chaos that is the Abyss. Lavinia did return to Farshore shortly before the last battle had begun but she was never quite the same. Only when Amella returned to Farshore and Lavinia found out she was pregnant with Dorn’s soon to be son did she really come back to the people of Farshore.

To this day Lavinia’s son and the twin son and daughter of Amella tell the tales of the father’s they never met but who saved the lives of an entire world so that no one will forget them. The villagers of the Isle of Dread carved stone statues of the Heroes so that they will be remembered as those who conquered the Isle. Lavinia died when Dorn Jr. was only 9, but Amella lives to this day, and the sons and daughters of the heroes of Farshore still protect the people and the Isle of Dread!

The end…

It was hard to let it all go after all of this time, but it had to happen, see you guys on the CotCT messageboards!

Can the new rules address the ability damage and penalty spells?
There has to be some way of changing the one shot spells like ray of stupidity without making them useless? This spell in particular seems broken. But changing it to where it only lowers a creatures Int to 1 will pretty much make this spell useless as no one will really play a 1 Int properly.

So my Neutral mage who is a summoner has started using summon undead spells.
I was wondering if anyone had seen any official ruling on whether or not an enemy cleric could possibly use their turn undead ability to try and take over the summoned undead and use them against him and the party?

I have not had a lot of luck finding out if temporary hit points stack.

Lets say you cast multiple Aid spells, I know that the morale bonus to hit does not stack but do the hit points stack?

What about temporary hit points from multiple sources like Aid, then false life?

First I would like to say thanks for an excellent starting adventure with RORL, I just started as a player in this campaign and am loving it so far.

That being said I am DM'ing STAP and my players just finished City of Broken Idols. Any idea if when the 146 supplement will be out?
I noticed they were coming 1/month for a couple of months and am itching to use the 146 stuff when they start back up in January 08'?

So my party just lined up for the final battle with Khala, the evil power behind the Isle of Dread.
I was hoping to get some input from any DM's that have been through this battle on what to expect?
Is the ability to switch places with the Wastrilith demon with Blasphemy at will a party wipe waiting to happen?
Khala knew they were coming and was able to prepare with a projected image so he was able to lure them in with it as the party teleported themselves right on top of his image before finding out it was an illusion.
That is where the group left off last week. We start up the main battle tonight.