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A lot of fun and well balanced, and a lot of great lore


Without getting into any spoilers, I liked the lore that went into this scenario a lot. The puzzle was great, though without the addendum correcting the solution, the solution given in the scenario doesn't make a lot of sense. The creature combats had a few interesting surprises up their respective sleeves, and were well-balanced encounters that posed a good challenge. The end could be very deadly for several reasons, particularly with the wrong group. Fortunately, the character I was playing didn't end up getting impacted by one element of the final encounter, but another did and died somewhat senselessly. Note for anyone considering running this scenario: there is a cue that GMs should attempt to spotlight as much as possible, because it doesn't really make sense and even a PC that was paying attention probably wouldn't make the logical leap the scenario seems to expect them to make. Otherwise, I thought the scenario was fantastic! Highly recommended.