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I ended up making my own paper minis for Blood for Blood, and am preparing to do the same for the remaining chapters. But I would like to see this AP get the paper mini love it deserves. If not for myself, then for the future kingdoms of the stolen lands...

My semi-annual plea for paper minis for kingmaker books 4-6.

We're rebooting Kingmaker in our FLGS. I'd love to see the second half of this set! Any chance at all of it getting picked up?

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My Thunder&Fang Shoanti Fighter from the Shadde-Quah of the sea cliffs:
Ehmm Sea-Hammer
Named after his grandfather who saved many lives along the shore:
Ehmm Oceanal-Rescue

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It came to me in a flash: Golarion Globe

A very nice map indeed Yusuf!


Thanks Diego!

The time has come where I must tighten the belt. Please cancel my Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, and Role-playing Game subscriptions... As MacArthur said, "I shall return..."

Tom Burke

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Maybe if subscriber pick-up was moved out of the booth to some other location? I don't know (although i'll bet it can be found) how much of the traffic is "pickup" versus "pickup + add'l stuff" versus "plain old purchase" If just plain pickup is high enough volume, it might make sense to move that traffic... Pickup + add'l stuff creates two booths which may just double the headaches... Maybe pickups & pre-orders?

Trying to think outside the lines :)

It would seem we're victims of our own success...

Thanks to Mark and everyone who make this a fantastic kickoff event!!!

I wonder if there is anything we can do outside-the-box for 2016 to allow for the natural growth of this event, but still retain its character.

Aside from that, I officially volunteer to run the Free RPG day scenario at noon(ish) in 2016 (I figure I'll get ahead of the rush... lol)

See you there!

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It's here! It's here!
It's here


Mark Stratton wrote:

Hey, Tom!

Yes, we'll be back at Scotty's (and I never got an email, so you may have sent it to the wrong Mark.)

At any rate, I'll be posting a call for GMs in the next couple of weeks (we're ahead of last year, but since Gen Con is moved up, I need to make sure that call goes out a bit earlier.)

Yes, it seems I missed the Mark... :)

You (should now) have mail...


Oh look it's this thread again...

I hope the wish-list fairy brought you all your top picks...
Now that Thurs - Sun is settled, I'm looking to run We Be Goblins Free! in the noonish slot. Chris/Marc, you've got mail!

Looking forward to another great year at Gen Con!

See you there!

Yay! I'm planning to run this @Scotty's on (Gen Con) Wednesday... I can't hardly wait for another round of goblin shenanigans!!!

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I just wanted to let you know... Good luck, and we're all counting on you...

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Camus, Beauvoir, and Sartre sit for a game of Candyland and its philosophical implications for choice, chance, and free will:

TBH, I've never thought of Candyland in that light before...

The only truly lawful good society would be a single person on an island saying "Yep, I'm LG..." Adding anyone else, even an observer, introduces bias based on perspective. I'd assert that true lawful goodness can only exist on "Schrodinger's Island" any other scenario, is subject to either relativistic differences in G/E or interpretation of a dogma.

We can, of course, continue to argue who would come closest to the LG society we would create on our own islands...

Carry on!

double rats... Ah well, If you find one behind the couch, please let me know...


Ah, rats... I'd have thought the inventory system wouldn't let me order it unless there was one left?


My October subscription order was updated on the 6th to add a couple items. Looks like I may have snagged the last Dr. Lucky mini as it's now unavailable. Are there any issues with getting this order out?


Samy wrote:
So I've been wondering, what does Sabyl Sorn look like?

In the paizo paper minis set, like this

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Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:

It occurs to me that doing pawns for every sandpoint NPC would serve an incredible niche.

For starters, there's always a dearth of NPC representation on battle maps when a fight inevitably breaks out in town.

For people who run Rise of the Runelords, well. Let's not spoiler.

But it would be a great feature of a Sandpoint box to run a battle in town now and then (it happens to all game towns) and when something happens to an NPC, that's a specific person that the players know! Always! Because the Pawns are the populace.

If you can't wait, I'd recommend the paper minis

Here's quick pic of ALL the folks crowded into Town Square it's a mob scene!

Ok, so my Kingmaker group has all but disbanded, but my Pokemon/CatchEmAll/OCD still wants to see the sets completed for the Kingmaker AP.

Crystal, I'd guess this is not on your front burner, but is it on the stove at all? Any news would be welcome... TY!

Necromancing the thread for my new half-orc investigator:

Porkchop Snapplesauce

"If ya want me schweethart, jush whishle..."

Shipity-doo-dah! Email received, download complete!

You guys are crushing it this year! What Gen Con slowdown?

Keep up the good work! Plenty of time to sleep in September... :)

It's just gone up on IndyDav's facebook page...

Yes, Scotty's is a Bar/Restaurant. Kids are not allowed in the Bar area but are welcome in the Restaurant. The Wednesday Pathfinder games, as far as I know, have always been played in the restaurant area. Some of the tables are high-tops so little-little ones might not be comfortable for a long sit. I've been going with my son since he was 12 and we've always had a blast...

Hope this helps!

I'm hoping to continue my tradition of running the Free RPG day mod at Scotty's. From the reviews so far, Risen from the Sands sounds like a bit of a meat grinder for the pregens. We managed to get everyone alive (or at least not permanently dead) through Dawn of the Scarlet Sun a couple years ago, so I'm hopeful that a good time will be had by all...

See you there!

Me again... I hope all'y'all got your top picks today @ the bums' rush for Gen Con event reg...

Staying with my multi-year tradition, I'd like to run Risen from the Sands in an early afternoon-ish slot...

I see from the thread over here that Mark is leading the charge this year. (you've got mail) I'm looking forward to another great year in Indy and kicking it off at the Brewhouse...

See you there!

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Back in the day, we used scotch tape on our character sheets (the old yellow-orange ones) over the spots where we expected to erase and rewrite frequently. It did a good job of preserving the paper, holds the pencil marks well, and is easy to erase.

All set... thanks Sharaya!


I just added a current flip mat to my sidecart. The option to combine shipping with the pending order (that just spawned) was not available. Has that feature been removed?

Please combine my sidecart order (2871995) with the current pending order (3048339) if possible.


All the best Sean! Thanks for the buttons!

Hope to see you still @ Gen Con!


We know there are no flumphs...
From the title / mock up(?) cover image on it looks like a possible tie in with Mummy's Mask AP...
Any other details yet?

Another month, another bump.

The five new adventures will be available longly after Gen Con?

Before the next Gen Con?

I always thought the Grand Lodge faction symbol, the glyph of the open road, would make an excellent graphic for a Jeep rear wheel cover...

tburke0 wrote:
Added paper minis for We Be Goblins.

And now, paper minis for WBG Too Too!

I just hit the site and signed up to GM WBG2 @ Scotty's.

Thanks Chris!

See you there...

My Bones have shipped and will be here next week!

That got me going to clear the decks and finally finish the Super Dungeon Explore I've been working on fo-evah!

Finally Done! SDE!

Oriental Trading has 24 horses for $6

Paint job on these is inferior to the toobs, but the price is right...


Quarter Horses! :D

I just got my shipping email today as well...

For the DF KS, I'm hoping for Christmas, but bracing for Valentine's day (or later) anything sooner is gravy AFAIC....

I would have said "No" but this



Power Attack: If I am using a two-handed weapon with one hand (such as a lance while mounted), do still I get the +50% damage for using a two-handed weapon?

—Pathfinder Design Team, 05/24/13

Quite clearly says "Yes"

Jeff Mahood wrote:


Interesting to note that that thread began much like this one;

Yep, interesting, ain't it? :) I'm nothing if not a creature of habit...

I'd have OCD but the letters are out of order :P

Thanks Chris! Looking forward to another great year in Indy!


Qstor wrote:
tburke0 wrote:
I am SO running this Gen Con Wednesday @ Scotty's...

sign me up :)


You are IN! :) That makes 4 players (bringing 3 with me in the car...)

Any chance there will be a couple more pregens to round out a table of 6? If I had my druthers, I'd like to see Stumpbiter & Buggy Bugeye leveled up along with Reeta, Chuffy, Mogmurch, & Poog...

Here we are again. The mad rush for Gen Con event reg is over, and I start thinking about Wednesday...

I'd like to run We Be Goblins Too! (See here) in an early afternoon-ish slot. I've got myself and 3 players. (will we have 6 goblins?) I don't see any official events (yet?) for Wednesday in the reg system. There's typically a VO/GM function in the evening IIRC. I'd plan to finish before then.

I've got an email in to the Indy team. This gun ain't gonna jump itself... :D

See you there!

Added paper minis for We Be Goblins.

My group is having the same experience since transitioning from the original to the anniversary edition. One of the players dubbed our last session "The Munchkin Steamroller" I'm planning to re-blend some of the converted adversaries from the original edition (esp the BBEG's) into the mix. Many of the conversions in the PRD seem more challenging than the "official" update. It's not fiddling so much as wholesale replacement in these cases.

Hope this helps...

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