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I ended up making my own paper minis for Blood for Blood, and am preparing to do the same for the remaining chapters. But I would like to see this AP get the paper mini love it deserves. If not for myself, then for the future kingdoms of the stolen lands...

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My Thunder&Fang Shoanti Fighter from the Shadde-Quah of the sea cliffs:
Ehmm Sea-Hammer
Named after his grandfather who saved many lives along the shore:
Ehmm Oceanal-Rescue

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It came to me in a flash: Golarion Globe

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Maybe if subscriber pick-up was moved out of the booth to some other location? I don't know (although i'll bet it can be found) how much of the traffic is "pickup" versus "pickup + add'l stuff" versus "plain old purchase" If just plain pickup is high enough volume, it might make sense to move that traffic... Pickup + add'l stuff creates two booths which may just double the headaches... Maybe pickups & pre-orders?

Trying to think outside the lines :)

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It's here! It's here!
It's here

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I just wanted to let you know... Good luck, and we're all counting on you...

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Camus, Beauvoir, and Sartre sit for a game of Candyland and its philosophical implications for choice, chance, and free will:

TBH, I've never thought of Candyland in that light before...

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Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:

It occurs to me that doing pawns for every sandpoint NPC would serve an incredible niche.

For starters, there's always a dearth of NPC representation on battle maps when a fight inevitably breaks out in town.

For people who run Rise of the Runelords, well. Let's not spoiler.

But it would be a great feature of a Sandpoint box to run a battle in town now and then (it happens to all game towns) and when something happens to an NPC, that's a specific person that the players know! Always! Because the Pawns are the populace.

If you can't wait, I'd recommend the paper minis

Here's quick pic of ALL the folks crowded into Town Square it's a mob scene!

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Back in the day, we used scotch tape on our character sheets (the old yellow-orange ones) over the spots where we expected to erase and rewrite frequently. It did a good job of preserving the paper, holds the pencil marks well, and is easy to erase.

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The audiobook narrated by Gilbert Gottfried is worth a listen :)

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Two Druids from an old campaign:
Spruce Willis
who met an untimely end and replaced with ...
Maple Jackson

And a fighter for 5e playtest
Don Hastily

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Seconding for Kingmaker completion. I guess there's one (small) grace in our KM group being so slow...

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Maybe they got it from the song ? :)
I'm not gonna Raiju a love song
('cause you Ash'd Furret...)

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WalterGM wrote:
Michael Brock wrote:
If someone wants to game the system, then they will. I am trying to rely on the integrity of the GMs. Hopefully that trust isn't violated.
I hope people don't assume I'm gaming the system when I run a WE BE GOBLINS game day for April Fools at my local store.

I plan to fully exploit this loophole and gain my 4-star status in 50 short years running the free scenario every year!! MUHUHAHAHAHA!!!

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Grolloc wrote:
Painlord wrote:
Drogon wrote:
Drogon wrote:
ZomB wrote:
Priority range 1-5 with 1 high: Eek, I am so used to surveys that have 5 high that I nearly answered those Qs the wrong way round.
Of course, now I'm nervous that I actually *did* do it the wrong way around...
So, uh, yeah...I watched my wife take the survey, and I totally got those answers reversed. The way I answered look like a power gaming, rules lawyering, roll-play hating evangelist who can't stand the thought of a module with a storyline. Hilarious...

*sigh* Yep.

That is the danger with those kinds of's almost impossible to set up them for 100% perfection (or I haven't seen it yet).

Hopefully, we'll have enough responses to make it all balance out.

done, but I did answer those 1-5 priority questions backwards.


!oot sdawkcab ti did I !parc ho

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Here's a picture of the mini I just finished for my lvl1 Synthesist / Eidolon General Zhao.

A mini wrapped in translucent polymer clay, Looks a bit rough now but conveys the idea. I'm hoping my sculpting skills advance if I get the chance to work the General over a few times as he evolves...

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My favorite druids from a fairly short-lived 2ed campaign:
Spruce Willis (got killed and replaced with...)
Maple Jackson

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I used black window marker to black-out the entire map, then a damp cloth to reveal the rooms as they were explored. It worked remarkably well...

The final encounter was pretty neat as the party's light source didn't reach into all the corners of the large room.


The skeletons emerging from the shadows had the torch bearers running around the perimeter of the room quickly to flush out all the baddies for the grand finale