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Cort Odekirk wrote:
... Currently we only allow owners to download session sheets.

Good to know, thanks for looking into this. I will pass this along to the other reporters for our events.

Hollister wrote:
... If there is an existing mechanism that would allow me to do this already, then apologies :) I do miss things sometimes.

There is. On the session reporting page (the data entry one) you can enter the session number and click the "Find" button to pull up data for that session number.

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I am unable to download any session sheets. This includes sheets for events I have created or events for which I am a reporter.

After clicking on the "Download session sheet" link my browser it redirected to and nothing happens.

I have tried this on Chrome and Firefox and both seem to have the same issue. I am able to download my PFS ID card PDF though which leads me to suspect that the issue isn't from my side.

I also notice that on my GM/Event Coordinator page one of the events doesn't have the full list of dates next to it (it stops at September 19). The sessions page, however, does list the sessions correctly though. Not sure if that is related or not, but it seems worth mentioning.