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The door to the East hisses open, a rush of atmosphere from your room flooding out into the next corridor.

A corridor which runs East for 35 feet, then terminates at a door.

It is 10 feet high, and has the same colour scheme and building composition as the rest of the outpost.

Dark Archive

"I may have this item yes. It was however incredibly expensive, and is for me, and me alone.

You can of course buy it if you wish - how much would you offer for it?"

Dark Archive

Resting is fie here team if you wish too.

K'Klackun, the door is neither locked nor trapped.

Dark Archive

K'Klackuns drone & Jackojare manage to explode the two horrible robots between them, even whilst the rest of the party flailed ineffectually.

A voice comes over the tannoy;

"This is but a small sample of my total force available. Leave now, and I will let you live"

Other than that, there is a door to your East set into the middle of the wall, and other than that, nothing worth noting in the room you are currently in.

Dark Archive

Gulkyn - nothing too out of place not really

Anu/Aegis - that last one really gets his attention - if there’s something seedy underworld characters hate is their competitions getting the sentient beings!

Shortly after you are approchaed by a pair of burly Vesk;

”You will follow us”

You are escorted through the private areas of the club to a very plushly decorated office, heavy furniture, thick carpets, faux wood panellings and gold leaf copiously splashed on every surface.

Sat in the middle of it all is a Verthani male with extensive modifications, cybernetic implants scattered across his head arms and legs.

”Well, you have my attention, I am Bogdin the owner of this little enterprise - what do you want from me?

happy for the whole party to have been collected by the Vesk and be there with you

Dark Archive

Alejandro your fairly happy with the fact that the trap won’t reset.

As you open the door to the room to the north, you are immediately struck by 5 things;

1. The room follows the same basic design principles and structure, of the rest of this outpost. It is 25 feet in diameter.
2. There is a large table rubbing along the north and western most walls, with absolutely nothing of note on it.
3. There are two tiny robots stood on the middle of this room;

HALT INTRUDERS! they say in a very high pitched and tiny robotic voice which is followed by two sonic blasts directed Jackojares way;

4. tiny sonic blast: 1d6 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
DMG: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8

5. tiny sonic blast: 1d6 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10
DMG: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

they are tiny so not going to bother with a map and the reality is you will probably crush them in this first round anyway

Dark Archive

Surprisingly enough, the laser net trap doesn't like having rocks tossed at it.

Also it seems not to have noticed, and is activating almost as if its on a proximity alert, with the party having been in the room a short while now....

It whirrs up, spinning and trys to slice K'Klackluns carapace from the rest of his body.

laser trap: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (9) + 11 = 20
fire beam: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 2, 3) = 16

Then it shuts down, and closes itself into the wall again.

Unfortunately klaxons have now started going off, with a blue and red light set into the ceiling now flashing and any possible semblance of stealth is clearly no longer an option!

Dark Archive

"A bribe? No sire, you're mistaken. A bribe would indicate I would dare keep any proceed for myself. No matter what information you may contain, 'bot, it is not up to me.

That said however, I'm sure Bogdin would be more than happy to see you, if you just sauntered up to any of the Vesk and simply asked them?"

With this he tips you a wink and goes back to serving all of the other guests.

Dark Archive

The androids turn to regard Gulkyn & Ignatius;

"They aren't pleasant, but they are required. What are we drinking please sirs?


At the other bar, one of the tenders leans in towards Anu & Aegis;

"I have no doubt about the merchandise however Bogdin doesn't know you, you have never met him & there is still a lack of any obvious wealth for him to get involved directly, why don't you let me handle it with an avaricious twinkle in his eye, he leans back.

Dark Archive

K'Klacklun, you can't seem to find any way to disable it unfortunately. You feel there must be a way though!

If we're going for rock throwing, let me know who throws, and who is ready to pull a door too to try and hide

Dark Archive

You are met by the Vesk at the front door, who suggests you speak to one of the bartenders or the other Vesk about getting a meeting with Bogdin.

The two augmented Verthani;

Yes of course we’ll be able to get you in to see Bogdin, but he obviously only meets those with real clout, wealth and money. You’d be best off buying some of these new just in odd the latest vessel powders. They are truly a sense enhancer

The androids;

Yes sir, thank you sir, what can I get you to drink sir

They steadfastly refuse to answer any questions or even try and get you in to see Bogdin at all!

The Vesk guarding the stage ramps;

Stage personnel only. Now leave

ill allow one check each, those who interacted with the main bar staff give me perception those who did the androids and want to try and get them to open up give me a diplomacy please

Dark Archive

John and Kastien stand ready as Jackojare prepares to pull wide the door to the North.

The door opens with barely a hiss of pneumatics, and before you lays a corridor 25 feet long and 15 feet wide, with another sealed door at the end.

The south door reveals a shortened corridor only 10 feet wide leading to another door.

John: you spot something decidedly odd in the Eastern wall, it would appear to be a laser security net, set to trigger, but trigger on what, you don’t know!

Dark Archive

You make your way to the less salubrious part of town, and locate the club in question, one Kozmos.

The line stretches around the block, filled with easer concert-goers and the well heeled and high and mighty of Verces. Whilst waiting in line in boring, nothing happens and before long you are at the front of the queue.

The Vesk bouncers spend a long time looking over your invitations, and especially your weapons. However the tickets are totally legitimate, and you manage to pass inside into the night-club without any further trouble.

Walking through the large double doors into the club, the wall of sound, light and music hits you like a physical wall.

The main dance floor of Kozmos extends almost eighty feet from north to south. There are a pair of raised bars, both of which are tended by clearly augmented Verthani natives, nesting within raised platforms in the northwest & northeast corners.

Two androids wearing red collars tend a central bar, which also serves as the main drinking area for the club.

A large stage is covering most of the south section of the room, flanked by dual ramps, one leading up the east and the other the west side.

Each ramp leads to a door, with the southern guarded by an intimidating looking Vesk who stands under a sign marked "Dressing Room". Another double door lies in the middle of the Eastern Wall marked "Fire Exit"

You have entered almost directly opposite through the club entrance in the middle of the western wall.

Dark Archive

Unfortunately, despite K'Klackun's best efforts, the cameras are simply unhackable.

They are embedded and flush to the ceiling, and with no apparent wifi or better network, there must be some wired connection behind the ceiling you just can't find or see.

As the door opens, the room beyond comes into view.

Debris litters the floor of this otherwise empty chamber. The floor paneling has been ripped up in several areas, revealing the same base earth as the exterior of the planet. The door you have just entered, resolutely refuses to shut behind you.

There are two more doors, one directly in the middle of the wall to both the North and South, both of which are securely closed.

Dark Archive

Ignatius, you manage to find something that looks exactly fitting for a high class high profile party goer. It’s sefinatley the current trends of fashion through and through!

Your extra research into Bogdin means you know he definatley deals on the wrong side of the law, he smuggles and can buy and sell anything for a price. He is known for the practice of buying and selling other sentients, especially androids.

Dark Archive

I’m happy for you guys to spend 10 minutes to spend an RO and rest and recuperate.

The air reads totally normal and a breathable atmosphere for you all.

Alejandro you spot a security camera embedded into the ceiling 20 feet above your head but nothing else.

Dark Archive

You do all indeed know a bit more about the planet and what you might be facing;

Verces is tidally locked, with the largest civilisation based in a sprawling metropolis which spans the entire circumframce of the planet and is called the Ring of Nations, lying between the scorching heat of Fulbright and the numbing eternal cold of Darkside.

The most technologically advanced are the native Verthani, 8 feet tall with chameleon like skin.

The mega-metropolis is know. For the elevated level of technology and the advancemnt of technology. Because of this most natives use various cybernetic enhancements.

Different nation states exist within the mega metropolis and all have varying amounts of autonomy. The city state of Vanos is known as the place to do business with any and all comers. Also the place if you are looking to avoid scrutiny. The richest can even buy and sell sentient androids here!

You have been travelling for around 5 days to get here -

Any prep you would like to conduct before marching to the club?

Dark Archive

Leaving all semblance of calm and order, you grab the items the unfortunate will no longer need and run full speed towards the only safer from the storm in the area.

Rocks and sand along with other debris comes pelting last you at speeds well I excess of 100mph and some of these items even clip you across the back, shoulders and stomach!

Alejandro - 2 damage
K’Klackun 1 damage
Jackojare gets away Scott free
John 2 damage
Last one 2 damage

Thankfully safety is reached!

You find a traditional airlock and cycle it open and close it behind you as all the party crowds in, facing you is an airlock door with the sig of the Abadarcorp emblazoned across it.

ring is a mysticism check

The weapon fusion is trailblazer fusion seal

Dark Archive

Returning to your android contact, you hand over the datapad, that has all the evidence he needs and he is overjoyed!

So much so that he forgets he was supposed to need to retrieve the artifact from a safety deposit box, and instead hands it to you, after drawing it from a bag at his feet.

Once back aboard your ship, you contact Venture Captain Arvin, who explains that whilst that is a job well done, it is only job 1 of 3!

He directs you to the planet Verces, which is the fifth planet from the sun.

He explains to you that the tablet fragment on this planet is probably in the keeping of one Karelite Bogdin, a verthani of many seperate interests.

His business however is run out of a very top-end and high-class club on Verces.

As you are on the vessel, licking wounds and heading towards Verces, some of you may know a little bit more about the planet and what to expect;

Culture for Recalling Knowledge of Diplomacy for Gathering it from general chit-chat and on the radio on the way in

Dark Archive

To ID the items we're looking at a mysticism & an engineering role

You're fairly sure that he is most definatley dead, even poking the body, wiggling its toes and jumping on his feet have elicited no responses.

Alejandro, is fairly concerned, with the remaining structural stability of the building, and yes, it is indeed about to go collapsing in with the rest of the surrounding buildings!

The only relatively intact looking portion of the entire surrounding area, is the pathway that leads to the original outpost, with what you can only imagine is an airlock, emblazoned with some form of sigil / device from this distance.

As you will still be making saves and potentially taking damage, no you can't take a 10 minute rest here!

Whatever the decision I'm going to need at least 3 fortitude saves, and will post in OOC chat tab if its going to be more, that wind is getting really nasty and starting to pick up rocks in it now!

Dark Archive

Following on from Gulkyn's missiles flying directly at the Iketshi, Aegis turns and levels his pulsecaster again.

Again a bolt flies from the end of the weapon and connects the two, and again the horrid monstrosity roars, but is not brought down.

Ignatius decides that more is better, and unfortunatley for him, only the first bolt connects, as the second sails just inches wide of the Iketshi fore-plate.

This means another minor burn to add to his collection.

The Iketshi decides to go for broke, and trys one last time to bring one of you down, turning on Gulkyn and attempting to shoot him in the face;

rifleshot: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
damage: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

Gulkyn unperturbed by this, moves around the side of the Iketshi and briefly outshines the sun as a wave of fast moving heat and plasma spread outwards from him, and burn the Iketshi to a crisp

no need to save for half, he's down anyway!

As it drops to the floor, it also drops a datapad, a datapad which contains enough information to exonerate your android contact, should you so wish....

Dark Archive

Aegis turns, and offers the Iketshi a very honourable way out, unfortunately the Iketshi still believe it holds the upper ground and continues to defy your party at every turn!

”You bear no threat to me, puny man. Prepare to be made mulch!”

The android, in response, levels his pulsecaster and lets rip, as an arc of electricity briefly connects the two and dances across the Iketshis chest.

Ignatius reminds the party that the Iketshi should most probably be “gotten” and as such instructs you all! Then leading by example, lines up his pistol and lets an Olympic level shot burrowing straight through the shoulder of this monster.

The Iketshi lets out a roar, having been forced to bleed, it turns its sight on Ignatius and fires a round at you.

rifle shot: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
damage: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9

Gulkyn’s turn will be entered here.

Anuzoreus decides that gravity will be his plaything, and attempts to immobilze this monstrosity before it gets truly out of hand!

Fortsave: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (15) + 3 = 18

Dark Archive

The wind howling through the cracks, and pushing through the broken down brickwork, even though you know you can’t physically feel the cold, mentally its knifing through you and all of your protective gear.

As you stumble into the semi-circular building, a horrifying sight meets your eyes. A body, crushed by the rubble, clearly of one of the natives lies with only his feet sticking out of the rubble, windswept and clearly crushed beyond all life. His boots, all that remain are embossed with some sort of sigil, or device all down the side that would face outwards.

By his side, lies a satchel, within which lays a weapon fusion & a ring.

Other than that, the area lays deserted, and the storm continues to pick up speed, forcing you all to stumble and buck against the wind, moving only half as fast as you normally do!


K’Klackun takes one damage, from the storm continually forcing him to his knee’s.

John fares even worse and takes two points.

Dark Archive

Most of the party crosses the bridge over the chasm absolutely fine and with no problems, unfortunately that is NOT the case for John. As he steps foot on the bridge, his second foot slips and he goes tumbling over the side!

FALLING: 2d6 ⇒ (1, 5) = 6

As he hits the bottom and stands up to dust himself off, the storm starts moving again, with wind picking up speed.

It makes it doubly hard to move yet again!

Thankfully, when John regains the top of the slope with the rest of the party, you see a circular building off to one side of the path.

You stand with two choices;

1. Run to the circular building and try to wait out the storm / explore
2. Push ahead on the assigned path and try to get out of the storm by getting into the outpost!

Also everyone either in spoilers or normal chat etc give me 3 fort saves no matter which choice

Dark Archive

Almost in a repeat of last turn, Aegis turns to the mooks and decides to assist in Ignatius’s abilities and ensure’s his allies are aware that the 2nd mook should also be gotten. He then lines up his pulsecaster and releases another blue bolt which splashes the thug across the shoulder and he does shudder a little

Ignatius points at the other thug to ensure that he is also slightly easier to hit then points his pistol at the same thug that Aegis-9 hit and nails him through the left leg, in a glorious shot.

The Iketshi doesn’t shoot another long-arm round against Aegis, and instead turns it on Gulkyn and blazes away.

rifleshot: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8
damage: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Then comes the Solarian’s! Gulkyn attunes and glows slightly more fiercly than previously, this time when he swings, he hits the mook square in the face and drops him to the floor, skull crushed in totally.

Anuzoreus also starts to exude more energy than he was previously, and his swing also is devastatingly successful and staves in the enemy thug’s shoulder and he drops to the deck

only the boss left!

Dark Archive

storm: 1d4 ⇒ 3

Pushing on the storm ebbs and flows but never abates.

At times you are almost bent double and at others you feel almost as if you are walking normally.

Bolts of azure and crimson energy crackle and spark all around you, with the occasional really big one landing close and turning the be ground to glass!

Thankfully for the team as a whole you only manage to get hit twice by these large bolts and that is within the first hour, clearly thereafter you recognised to learn the signs and avoid these bolts of destructive energy!

damage at top for Jack and K’Klackun once

After three solid hours of slogging away and monumental effort the storm starts abating, the winds dying down and the energy early no where near as intense.

You find yourselves in the eye of the storm, with several dilapidated structures scattered around.

You stand at the edge of a chasm, with only a single span bridge broaching the gap. This gap blocks your progress any further and you must brave the bridge which has clearly taken a battering over prolonged exposure to this storm.


Athletics check to cross the crumbling bridge please everyone unless there are inventive ideas and feel free to throw some wearied role play in, 3 hours in a storm! That’s a long old time

Dark Archive

First off crits – nat 20, is a crit in starfinder assuming it hits AC. If so, double damage from what is rolled – so 12 damage Anuzoreus I’m afraid

After the two thugs have stepped in and slapped around his team-mates a little bit, Aegis-9 decides that, this sort of behaviour is simply unacceptable.

He moves to the side, lines up a clear shot and nails one of the thugs in his ribs, scoring a hit, and opening a long bloody gash along that fellows ribs.

Ignatius rather perturbed by all of this fighting, realises he is yet to draw a weapon! He turns to the big nasty looking thing, and in his best Captain Picard impression informs the rest of the part that they should be gotten.

Aforementioned boss-thing turns its rifle on Aegis as he is now the most easily targeted, and attempts to blast away with his long-rifle

rifleshot: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11
damage: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

Then comes the Solarian’s! Gulkyn grabs his mote and starts attuning, whilst simultaneously delivering a mighty blow to the side of the cloest thugs head. This thug is the previously undamaged one, and now after such a connection is weaving about on his feet, and on the cusp of falling over.

Attempting to mimick the act, Anuzoreus also grabs at his mote, and starts to display a rather shockingly dark aspect, as black as the void! His whip unfortunately sails just past the head of the thugs, who both turn and attempt to return the favour, the first swinging for Gulkyn & the second for Anuzoreus

battleglove: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15
damage: 1d4 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6

battleglove: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
damage: 1d4 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4

Dark Archive

"Be careful, the eggs are not a gift, they are a responsibility. Care for them as if they were your own young!

As you stagger through the edge of the storm, the winds pick up, and you feel as if you are pushing against a hurricane! Mechanically until otherwise mentioned you are under the effects of strong winds!

As you push through, bolts of arcane energy as well as more natural lighting are continually lighting up the sky, with absolutely no rhythm or rhyme.

After about an hours worth of travel, you are all starting to feel the effects of fighting against this wind, your arms and legs are getting heavier and heavier....


3 separate fortitude saves please everyone!

Dark Archive

And oh my god, I'm sorry for the potential critical on the first punch....

Battleglove: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11
IF that hits - 12 damage total.

Dark Archive

Mooks – 14
Aegis – 13
Ignatius – 11
Demi – 10
Gulkyn – 8
Anuzoreus – 2

Dark Archive

”If you want it, come and get it. Boys, kill the weak looking ones!”

Both verthani thugs rush forwards and attempt to slam Anuzoerus in the face, whilst leaving a clear shot down the middle for their boss…

Battleglove: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24
damage: 1d4 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6

Battleglove: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12
damage: 1d4 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5


Please post your actions in any order, once everyone has posted I will condense into a single round, barring any big changes

Dark Archive

The natives are absolutely obsessed with racing, to the point of what would seem rudeness & ignorance to those not of the planet, or less experienced in first contact.

They set off racing both K’Klackun’s drone as well as Alejandro, and whilst the drone starts to fall behind, Alejandro thanks to K’Klackuns tinkering streaks into the lead, and after the third lap of the village is declared the winner!

After the race has finished, Alejandro & Kastien start circulating amongst the natives and telling stories about their own prowess and finding out more about the natives.

A number of things become apparent, firstly – the natives had a special connection to the Besmaran Whelp. Well more accurately, to its eggs. They thought themselves the protectors of the eggs and now that the mother has died, they inform you that you are now the proud protectors of a clutch of eggs. The final responsibility of yours is now to defeat the exile and protect the eggs, as the exile wants to steal the eggs.

They inform you that the exile, is exactly as described, an exile from the village, who was removed due to his un-holy and un-natural mystical powers, and is now holed up in an old outpost.

This outpost, is somewhere the natives dare not approach, due to the demons that still hold sway and protect the site from outsiders.

As you leave the village, and head out towards the outpost, you encounter the edge of a swirling vortex of energy, this is clearly the storm that stopped you landing closer to the outpost. You realise that you probably need to travel for a further 3-5 hours through the storm to get to your final destination.

Dark Archive

Damn Pathfinder brain, yes I meant Culture not Linguistics...

With some excessive arm waving, and very slow speaking, John has managed to convey some basic ideals to the natives. He has managed to convince them, that you are from outer-space, you beat a terrifying space monster, and you are here to help & look for someone who may not belong to this planet.

All of this is swiftly undone however by K'Klacklun's drone as well as Alejandro, and the natives instantly swarm both of these, all in either gas powered cars, or on gas powered bikes.

They offer Alejandro his pick, and start eyeing the bug, and revving their engines to try their luck!


Those who want, can give me a diplomacy check, to try and get some info out of the natives, now that relations are established.

Those who want to inspect and improve the vehicles, give me an engineering check.

Finally those who want to go racing, give me a piloting roll!

Dark Archive

So easiest way I have found for PbP combat (please disagree for more recent exposure) is everyone posts their actions, rather than waiting for init order to come round, if something drastic changes, we pop it on hold and go back to where the break occurs, and I do us a write up at the end of each round.

My computer is playing up so I can't edit currently - if anyone can get GoogleDrive working properly and not crashing their machines please feel free;

So columns are A-X

Rows are 1-30

You are all starting in any of the following;

H 19, 20, 21
I 19, 20, 12

Mooks are in C 19 & F 15

Demi-boss is in E18

Dark Archive

InitDemiBoss: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10
InitMook: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (13) + 1 = 14

Dark Archive

You get the feeling that none of your words have been understand

The natives continue to make the same gestures but now more slowly and with more exaggerages movements l, almost as if they think you are all a little dim.

You get the feeling diplomacy won’t work until you have figured out a means of sharing each other’s language, or at least you being able to understand their gestures and building on it from there


Linguistics if anyone has it, or a really good idea roleplayed out if not

Dark Archive

Following the directions the definatley dodgy android has given you, you enter the least salubrious part of town. One that could be described as the seedy underbelly of the smartest underbelly.

Finally amyou locate the ‘store’ that you were told these ‘thugs’ occasionally did hang around, and yet there is no one in sight....

Finally as you found a corner and face down another side street you see 3 figures all of whom apparently are ready and waiting for you!

“You must be the fresh meat we’ve been told to expect, I’m Congregant and this is my area, leave now or else!”

Roll for initiative!

map up tomorrow team :)

Also everyone can make one of the following: bluff culture stealth of survival, if you hit DC18 add 2 to your initiative mod for this combat only

Dark Archive

After fighting off the Besmaran Whelp, your shuttle leaves the primary shuttle-bay, and starts its slow descent towards the planet. As your vessel starts picking up more and more readings, as you approach, you notice that there are several sections of the planets surface that you can’t scan through. There would appear to be energy storms ravaging the surface, but with no discernible pattern, they swim across the planet at random.

There is a part of this storm directly over the site of the abandoned outpost (or the co-ordinates you have for it) so you will have to land a few miles away and walk it in on foot.

The shuttle sets down without any problems, and as you walk towards the outposts co-ordinates, you find a village of the native inhabitants. The village is small, with just under 40 basic structures, and there is technology present, but not to the level of the pact-worlds. For example, basic gas powered vehicles, rudimentary electricity and the like.

As you pass by the village, two of the more adventurous natives approach the party and start waving towards you and gesturing towards themselves, whilst talking in a language you can’t comprehend. They are waving at the sky, and waving back at you.

The natives have a strange blue tinge to their skin, almost a glow.
From how many you can see, there would appear to be more gas powered vehicles than natives in the village as well

Dark Archive

The android turns and after some small talk does respond in the affirmative;

“Yes I am Lerecti. I do indeed have a small sandstone tablet, or at least I did have it.

Unfortunatley I can’t withdraw it from safe-keeping at the moment whilst I am awaiting my trial.”

“What trial you ask? Well I am on trial for murder, a murder I have been callously framed for, back on my home world; Verces. I was framed because I found out some scumbag of a club owner has been engaged in trafficking. Had to come here to get a proper trial from the anacites, if only I still had my evidence!”

“My evidence has been stolen by some thugs, who took it from a co-worker. I don’t want to risk smearing my good character before my trial, especially whilst working to clear my name anyway! If you want this sandstone thingy-mabob so badly, you get me back the evidence, and I’ll give you the tablet. The evidence is on a datapad with a red stick, some verthani thugs took it back to the slums of Towerdown with them.”

Dark Archive


In order to catch us up to finish on time for the end of game day, the next couple of sections may feel a little bit more rushed than normal, and apologies in advance for that

As the team starts to mingle with the native populace and other visitors, there are several things that become apparent and obvious;

Between them, Gulkyn and Anuzoreus manage to find enough info to head towards a generic area where several people tell them a new “strange fellow” has taken up residence, and hangs around all day.

The envoy has managed to find and trace several odd looking requests and purchases to an un-named account, what would appear to be the only one in the area. The location is the same as the others managed to squirrel out of the natives and other locale populace.

Aegis-9 however doesn’t manage to find anything out other than yes, there is indeed some food for sale in the stalls all up and down the street.

As you approach a particularly run-down area of Towershadow a convenience store that all your contacts have agreed to be the place that the android is based, comes into view halfway down the next street. You spot an androgynous android, garbed in workers clothes milling around near the store. He see’s you approaching and whilst looks a little nervous, doesn’t say anything in particular.


In order to get him to open up enough to talk to you, its gonna require some diplomacising checks

Dark Archive

I'm back! Sorry everyone, in order to get us finished up on time for the end of the game day, what I propose is to skip the starship combat that was about to occur.

If everyone is happy with that, you beat the space monster, and are approaching the planet, a little battered and bruised but no worse for wear

Let me know if you are particularly keen to do the starship combat and if so, we can do it anyway!

Dark Archive

GM checking in - I haven't abandoned you I promise, Grandma has been in the hospital and unfortunatley passed last night, back to normal posting schedule tomorrow, but I've been operating as family taxi this weekend, sorry to all.

Dark Archive

GM checking in - I haven't abandoned you I promise, Grandma has been in the hospital and unfortunatley passed last night, back to normal posting schedule tomorrow, but I've been operating as family taxi this weekend, sorry to all.

Dark Archive

Finally, after a few days travel through the inky black of space, the final destination of the newly minted team of Starfinder agents comes into view.

It spans the whole of the starships main viewscreen, and just as you all rush to the bridge to admire the view the alarms star to blare.

As you watch the planet slowly grow in the viewscreen, you see something, that frankly you thought was the stuff of nightmares - animals that large, should NOT be able to exist in space.

Yet, there it is, what looks like a glowing whale, with extra spikes, twine rows of teeth in a mouth that could swallow a shuttle whole.

It has a large row of spines running down its back, with a flickering green shell looking to be made out of energy around it.


You guys don't need to dive straight into combat with it, you can do anything your characters would do - however, I do want an initiatve roll, right at the end of everything else, we will resolve RP first, and if that fails into combat we go

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Well a few days pass, the friendly banter continues with bonds of camaraderie starting to grow between the team.

I'm OK with wrestling to see who wins the Captains chair....

Your shuttles nav-console starts to beep after four days of travel have passed, and the blasted barren husk of a planet starts to fill the forward view-screen.

Thankfully as your vessel spirals closer in to the planet, and you approach the atmosphere on a controlled descent, you start to see glittering metal cities on the planets daylight side.

As you come further in to the planet, the shuttle on auto-pilot approaches a massive double set of blast doors, built directly into the side of one of the cities tower, and it gently comes to a rest inside on a landing pad.

There are now several avenues open to our intrepid agents, whilst they are looking for info on whether or not we have an android to track down.

You could attempt to review all info on the local planetary network Computers check

You could also wander around the city and start talking to the locals, see if they have seen anything or know anythingDiplomacy check to gather info

You could possibly even get out into the city proper and start trying to follow tracks, even those that would be left by a stainless-steel rat Looking for a Survival check on this one

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The tall lashunta turns to regard you all, in a fairly stern voice he replies;

”Of course you aren’t chasing dreams, the Dreamer’s dreams are not dreams. They are all well rooted in fact, and have all played out as true. As for which android, or even what they look like, I’m afraid you’re on your own there.”

“A dreamer is; A long-slumbering creature from the Pact World gas giant of Liavara. When they wake, they speak of prophetic dreams that can lead to astounding fortunes, but they tend to drift back off rather quickly. Whisperer of Solar Winds is already asleep after imparting us with the relevant information.”

“Here take this as a reminder”

He types out a quick command that shoots a message to all of your datapads for reference at any time;

A made real one runs for fear of untruths
A piece of the prize stolen brought closer to the sun
Under the shadow of a false-made tower

From our research into this dream tale, we can establish that the location is somewhere on Aballon. The reference to a tower likely suggests that the made real one if somewhere within the Towershadow sub-settlement of the Aballonian Megaplex known as Striving. It’s clear that the being in possession of the fragment is some form of artificial or partially artificial life, likely an anacite or android on the run from some legal woes. You’ll need to search the region for possible leads
-Venture-Captain Arvin

It should take you around 4 days to reach the planet, therefore please use this time, ship-side to get to know your fellow team-mates that bit better!

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The hologram turns to regard you all once more;

”Answering the questions in turn; Who discovered the outpost? That would be AbadarCorp. It is the largest corporation in the Pact Worlds and has many subsidiaries underneath it. The outpost was one of many sponsored by AbadarCorp during the post-Drift colonization rush”

“In terms of the outpost; “It is a prefabricated modular outpost made by Veylen Enterprises. These outpost models used to be quite common. However, the presence of unfamiliar modifications is very possible.”

“The planet itself is fairly hospitable, with normal gravity and a breathable atmosphere. However the planet itself is overall disruptive to modern technology, perhaps part of why the outpost failed? Beyond the environment of the planet, it is unknown what threats may exist at the outpost. You should prepare for many possibilities, such as pirates, large predators, hostile native cultures, or supernatural events.”

“Finally a note on any natives, there is limited data, in fact no data available on what if any natives exist. Therefore as ever, please endeavour to make peaceful first contact if required.”

It should take you around 2 weeks to reach the planet, therefore please use this time, ship-side to get to know your fellow team-mates that bit better!

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The door to Venture-Captain Arvin’s private office swishes open, and as you step inside the lashunta male makes some last minute notes on his datapad before setting it down, and gesturing you all to sit as well.

“Welcome, my new agents. I have summoned you because the Society has just finished compiling some intriguing news. The Society’s magical archive for divining potential new finds, the Communion Vaults, houses a perpetually sleeping Liavaran Dreamer named Whisperer of Solar Winds. The Dreamer rarely rouses from its torpor, but when it does, it spins interwoven dream stories that point us to promising finds. It awoke earlier this week and has given us an elegant story about a fractured sandstone tablet that could point the Society to a great treasure.”

“Of course, nothing is ever that simple, and the three fragments of the tablet appear to be in very different locales. Luckily, these locations all appear to be in the Pact Worlds! It is your task to hunt down the tablets, piece by piece, then report back here so we can figure this dream out.

Your first destination is the machine driven world of Aballon. Based on what we could decipher from the dreams you’ll be looking for an android in a less-than entirely savoury city. We’re sending you via shuttle to Towershadow, where you’ll have to figure the rest out from there.

Time is of the essence, so before we set off – any questions?”


After post-briefing questions, we shall board shuttle 972 and head off for Aballon!

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The bank of jet black computers against the far wall starts whirring faster and faster. Suddenly a golden light bathes the room, as a holographic projection of an amorpheous figure appears in the centre.

”Hello Starfinder’s to those of you who haven’t met me previously, I am Guidance. Please pay attention as this, is your mission.

One of the Pact Worlds’ most prestigious organizations recently discovered a dataset detailing the location of an outpost abandoned over two hundred years ago. The organization has requested that the Starfinder Society dispatch a team of agents to secure the site, along with any remaining equipment or data. Your team will travel to this outpost and retrieve as much information about it as possible. You should also salvage any relevant equipment, which the Society will take as part of its payment. If you have questions, now is the time to present them.”

Simultaneously to this, a stream of data starts shooting down one of Guidance’s main screens with data detailing the outpost

” “Finally for this assignment, you have been authorized use of a Drake or a Pegasus starship. Both starship frames can complete this assignment.

Once you guys are happy with the starship etc please feel free to head off on the vessel!

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Slot less ones like that (including rare races etc) are absolutely fine still

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