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"We'll write a much more lengthy blog about this topic, but the short summary is that for the first month, we won't have an active game time management system, but will instead use server logs to determine if players have opted to use a month of game time. Players who do not wish to use any of their game time need to refrain from logging in to the game (not the website - website logins will not count) during the first month of Early Enrollment."

1 question. do i understand the above correctly, that if you wish to play from EE and onwards you use ur given gametime from the founderpack, and after a month of playing the EE-alpha game u will be charged for gametimee. So players will end up paying subscription through out alpha and beta?


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HI all.
New Explorer backer for Pathfinder online :D
I just DL the client 9.1 and the file extension were kinda missing, it just said file and wasnt executeable. I re´named it to exe and i worked.

Just a heads up if someone else with win7 runs into the same issue.

see u ingame. cheers.
Will gladly help u with my computer specs if that can help u out.
I use internet explorer 11
How do i upload a file to this site ?