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Question: Is there a plan for how space travel works?
Elaboration: I'd imagine that there are a variety of races with their own ideas, and I'm interested to see how different races solve the problem of interstellar gulfs. By way of example, I mucked around with combining metamagics and permanency on items and found that you could actually create a functioning space ship within the bounds of the rules using dimension doors and adaptation spells. Granted, it cost about as much as an actual space program, but I suppose that's to be expected.

Question: How does magic interact with technology?
Elaboration: If magic and technology do not play nice together (like in the Dresdin Files or Arcanum) where does the distinction lie? You could have a magically enchanted crossbow or pistol in Pathfinder, but what level of technology starts rebelling against magic, if it does? Or can we have the +1 Soda Machine of Vending that we've always wanted?

Inspirational Movies/Books/Video Games for the Environment:
Wizards (yes, I know it's awful)
Starchaser (yes, I know it's even worse)
The Martian (the Audiobook read by R.C. Bray)
The Dresdin Files
The old Ultima Games (with dimensional travel)

As an aside, doesn't "orc" mean "pig" in another language, like Celtic or something?

I'm curious as to how space travel will work in this system, and I think that will heavily shape how orcs function. If they can plausibly scavenge and/or enslave a people to make ships for them, they will probably be the same bloodthirsty marauders we are familiar with. If not, they probably will be handled like infestations that steal and overrun ships and planets.

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I think classic races could be an interesting part of the the Starfinder universe, but I think we already know how they would function in space environments. Additionally, Elves do tend to steal the spotlight in just about any environment they are in. I think there is a lot of opportunity for exploring other cultures. By all means Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs, Halflings and so forth should be included, but I think the focus should shift to other races. We already have a pretty detailed cultural profile of the classic races, let's see what other ones have to offer.

Speaking for myself, I would love to see Samarasans fleshed out.

I used GP for similar reasons in my space age campaign (ease of translation) despite the fact that the currency was paper or electronic. It translated weirdly well with the archaic Wizards d20 Future supplements I adapted it from when mixed with Pathfinder rules.

After all, Gold was good enough for the Psychlos in Battlefield Earth, right?

Perhaps because I'm a long time Black Library listener I'm rather accustomed to the prices and the difference between an audio drama and an audio book.

I love the sound effects and large cast in Burnt Offerings. I felt the whole adventure come to life. Makes for an great commute to work, and I found myself waiting in the car a few extra moments to finish off a scene when I arrived.

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I had a new campaign upcoming and I thought it would be kind of fun to do a fortune telling sequence at the beginning (Sort of like the old Ultima games, and yes, I realize I am showing my age) and I noticed that the deck was unavailable. Curious, I went on Amazon and found Harrow Decks were going for $500 to $4100!

Thank goodness I stumbled across this! I was afraid this just was not going to be part of Pathfinder anymore. Thank you Paizo!

Oh well. Thanks for letting me know. I'd suggest a self contained program, but i think that'd be significantly more bother for both the players and the developers than either of them are looking for, especially if you wanted to use the books on a smart-device.

Thanks again.

While I was using a friend's PDFs at a game session, I thought it might be an interesting idea to have hyperlinks function between PDFs. The ones that are within the document are supremely useful (and as a GM that didn't have my corebook on hand, it made finding rule references rather quick to look up) but I think clicking on "Hardness" in the bestiary and it taking you to the Hardness rule section in the Corebook would be incredibly helpful.

I'm not entirely certain that there is a way to do this without compromising the security of the files, or if there's a quick-and-easy way for me to do it myself. I just thought I'd throw the idea by the folks here as a suggestion.