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Wowie wrote:

I think the point is to not gimp multiclassing (every primary feature uses the same resource), but also give every class that uses it their own specialized use of the SP pool (keeping their individual abilities and such). One pool to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them...

The point of making things like Wild Shape and such run on a separate pool from SP is they'd quickly drain your SP if you had them linked with the main pool as mentioned above.

The previous two things said, Alchemists should totally have their own "craft points" pool instead of their main class feature eating all their resonance.

Well, there some interpretation issue here. In the pathfinder 2 multiclassing is gone... So, this leave us with archetypes. In the archetypes description, is said that if the class use Spell Points, these pools are shared for the archetype as well.

So, my suggestion is to instead os describing the same Spell Point system in 6 different classes and 2 archetypes, creating a specific place for it and the book, and make all classes and archetypes under its rules... Ah, and give all classes something to do with it! :)

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:

They look to me like they use Spell Points for their powers like everybody else. Could you point to specific text describing their other pool?

Allright, is called spell point... But is inside First Compositions section!! :)

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:

AFAIK the only class that has anything but spell slots and Spell Points is clerics with their channel energy, which was specifically separated from their other pools so they don't feel pressured to save everything for healing.

Well, let me re-elaborate this topic. It would not be easier if there is a unified place to talk about Spell Points? Maybe unify with Resonance Point. And give some pools to the other classes?

Right now, we have the following classes with spell point (Being re-described every single time)

* Bards gave the Compositions feature;
* Clerics have the Channel Enery feature;
* Druids have the Druidic Order feature;
* Paladins have the Champion Powers feature;
* Sorcerer have the Bloodline feature;
* Wizards have the Arcane Schools feature;

Then, we have the Alchemist, that use the "Resonance Point"...

And then we have the other classes which, with the exception of the Fighter, lost their point systems that existed in Pathfinder 1. And their point system has added much more depth to the classes.

Finally, my suggestion is to unify the point in a specific system in one place, and make all classes have some use to them.

In a previous "pré-release playtest blog entry", it was said that all spell powers are unified, so, a sorcerer / cleric character will use the same source of power to all it's ability.

Reading the book, I noticed that other classes have their own pools. (Bards have their own pool of points instead of spell points).

I wonder if isn't a good idea to make a global point system?

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I Read a lot in my Cellphone. I love that Paizo released a free PDF copy of the playtest. But reading the PDF in a phone is not a cool experience. Could Paizo release an Epub / Mobi / TXT version of the books to I read?

These "bo staff" feats are given automatically on getting the weapon proficiency, or are like "Improved Trip" of the Pathifinder 1, that you need to spend a character Feat to gaind the benefit?