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with the summon undead spell that you have created (which is great) it is close to what dragonlance 3.5 has with call undead in the age of motals book and if you haven't looked at that yet you may want too just too compare the 2 versions only.

First off I'm willing to say that I may be blind to where this problem I'm writing about is located in the book but I have not seen any prices for the "New Aquatic Materials" are in the book. And yes I know that I can come up with the prices myself for them but it's an oversight that the company that made this wonderful produce has made. Any insight to this problem would be good.

If I'm right Baba Yaga is mentioned in the pathfinder campaign setting and in "the Witchwar Legacy" pathinder module about one of her children. But not sure if pathfinder will include her and the hut at any point or not (but I believe that the latest Daughter is coming to the end of her time possible, just don't quote me on that).