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Vic Wertz wrote:
elcoderdude wrote:
We need a basic translation from old terminology to new terminology, as well as (I think) some general errata. The one that comes immediately to mind is that all discard-this-weapon-to-add-x-to-distant-combat-check cards should be understood to have the term 'freely'. (Shouldn't they? Or should such cards only aid casters and unarmed martials?)

You can easily use the new rules with previous APs. A single page of the Core Rulebook gives you an overview of what’s new in Core as well as the “basic translation” rules you’re looking for. We will also be posting a document shortly before PaizoCon that covers the handful of cards that need adjustment beyond that. (This includes cards from both APs and Class Decks.)

Adventure Card Society requires that you use the new rules including the adjustments above. (We will have to issue adjustments for a few older scenarios; that probably won’t happen before PaizoCon.)

As primarily an Organized Play player, I'm worried that organized play will be significantly less "fun" because all the players will be using Class Decks full of old, less interesting versions of the cards in Core. This is something that was addressed in organized play previously with the traders in Mummy's Mask and "temporarily replace 1 card in a player's deck with X" scenario rewards in the later seasons. I'm just worried that organized play is going to suffer until Core Class Decks are released (if ever) and that the small player base we've built for organized play won't survive the transitional period where we're using new rules for old cards.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
Elinnea wrote:
(It’d also be nice if the blog post had the Ultimate Decks tag as well.)
Fixed. Thanks!


Any idea when we can expect a pdf of this deck's character sheet and deck list? These are really handy to have for organized play.

Venture-Lieutenant, Texas—Austin aka sean rabun

Hi Andrew!
I'm the VL that runs these games and we'd be happy to have a guest player!
We're currently playing Season 4 and just started tier 5, and probably will still be in tier 5 through the whole month.
It's pretty laid back. We usually field between 3 and 5 players and play 1 or 2 scenarios per night. Very rarely we'll run 2 tables, depending on player tier and turnout.

Here's our warhorn, please sign up if you know you'll be there -

And feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Sean Rabun

Has there been any official response on this since February?

Venture-Lieutenant, Texas—Austin aka sean rabun

Do we have any updates on this?
I've got a local con coming up and it'd be really nice to provide these sheets to new players.

I am also having issues downloading pdfs.
Hopefully just a temporary issue...