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The 2nd printing has errata corrections, correct?

Will the 3rd printing contain additional corrections?

How would I verify that I have a 2nd or 3rd printing rulebook before I purchase it - assuming I'm at my FLGS with book in hand?


I was looking forward to this companion, because I wanted more details for the area surrounding darkmoon vale - but, damn... this whole "fantasy colonial america" thing is just... too lame.


Ok, I've been a bit haphazard so far in a couple posts so I'm just gonna lay it out here:

I'm setting a new campaign in Andoran, and although it's of course not strictly necessary, I would like to at least be aware of all current paizo products that include information within Andoran.

So far, I'm aware of these:

* GameMastery Module D0: Hollow's Last Hope
* GameMastery Module D1: Crown of the Kobold King
* GameMastery Module E1: Carnival of Tears
* Pathfinder Module D1.5: Revenge of the Kobold King
* Pathfinder Module D4: Hungry Are the Dead
* GameMastery Module TC1: Into the Haunted Forest
* Pathfinder Module LB1: Tower of the Last Baron
* GameMastery Module J2: Guardians of Dragonfall

* Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale

* Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting
* Pathfinder Chronicles: Gazetteer

... anything I've missed?

Now, I have TC1, D0, Guide to Darkmoon Vale - and I've flipped through the Gazetteer and Campaign Setting at my FLGS.

What I'm looking for at the moment, mostly, are detailed maps... which products - aside from TC1, D0, Guide to Darkmoon Vale, Gazetteer and Campaign Setting - contain detailed maps of the Andoran region?

Especially a map that would work well with TC1, which covers an area just below the map included with Guide to Darkmoon Vale.

Many thanks!

jscott991 wrote:


Final Population: 2.1 million

Setting Information: 170,000 in 6 cities; 11 cities shown on detailed map

Where is this detailed map of Andoran that shows 11 cities? What product did you get this map from?

I was recently just looking for an Andoran map with more detail.


Eric Hinkle wrote:
AFAIK the only map of the area south of Darkmoon Vale is the big one in the back of the Campaign Guide. Though maybe there's something in the 'Tower of the Last Baron' module that you can use.

YEah the Campaign Guide isn't detailed enough for my purposes unfortunately... heck, it doesn't even show Olfden!

Eric Hinkle wrote:
Though maybe there's something in the 'Tower of the Last Baron' module that you can use.

Cool - thanks for the heads-up on the LB1 module - I recall that my FLGS actually has that in stock, I'll peer inside next time I'm there.


Is there a paizo product/module or anything that provides a more detailed view of the area just below Darkmoon Vale?

I have Guide to Darkmoon Vale, and I plan on running the Modules involving that area (D0, D1, D1.5, etc); but I also want to run Into the Haunted Forest (TC1), which seems to occur somewhere between Olfden and Oregent.

Is there a more detailed map of that particular piece of Andoran available? Basically something showing Oregent and Aspodell Mountains and more of Arthfell Forest on up to Olfden or just below.

( I'm guessing I'll either need to map it myself, or wait for 'Andoran, Spirit of Liberty' - but figured I'd ask anyway, maybe there's a module or chronicle or something I'm missing already available)


jreyst wrote:
I am going through the pages and doing site-wide changes using Dreamweavers advanced find and replace functions (find <this block of mangled code> and replace with <nothing> in <entire site>).

Yikes - sounds like quite the involved hassle.


I am getting rid of all background colors and images etc, as well as external links (the assumption being that it should all be self-referential and not need to call out for any reason).

Most excellent!


It's time consuming but I'm getting there. Sorry for the delay!

No worries, man - I really appreciate your time and work in this. Very cool!

jreyst wrote:
jreyst wrote:
I may post a PDF of later tonight...
I started this up last night but the PDF still needs a lot of clean up. Hopefully I can have something available tonight for anyone interested.

I was going to produce a pdf of the official PRD myself ( using wget, html2text, and asciidoc), seeing as it appears paizo has for some strange reason decided not to, even though it'd be total nobrainer for them to produce...

But this is good, thanks for your efforts - I'll d/l this the moment it's available!

Ross Byers wrote:
We are not planning to release a PDF of the PRD because we already offer a PDF of the core rulebook, which contains all of the same hyperlinks and rule information.

It's true that the core rulebook pdf contains the same info (and then some), and that it is offered at an excellent/affordable price.

However, the PRD has a couple benefits which the PathfinderRPG lacks (for good reason):

* the prd has no artwork - it is text and tables only

* the prd has a significantly lower page count

* the prd is comprised purely of rules only, no "fluf"

Due to the above attributes of the PRD, a pdf version would be very useful for your customers who have purchased the PathfinderRPG print book and/or pdf because:

* a pdf version of the PRD could be easily and cheaply printed - which could then be used as reference during play, and/or distributed in full or in part to the players, as an aid in character generation (it's nice when not everyone has to share the same book), and as an aid during actual play (it's nice to keep your $50 book in good condition, rather than lugging it around in backpacks, cars, and the wear-and-tear that occurs while constantly referencing it during play)

Could paizo reconsider their position on the matter?

Is there a pdf version of the official prd available?

If not, will/can there be?