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I'm trying to figure out where in Golarion the locations of this adventure could exist. The place names are mainly of a Celtic type sound. I'm planning to run this adventure for my girlfriend and I would like to be able to have a large setting to place this in, just in case she ends up liking to play the game and wants to continue playing.

I guess I could just change the place names to fit Golarion, but I would still be stuck with trying to figure out where exactly the town and everything belongs in the world.

This is two years old and Im just now discovering these pathfinder tales. Came here while looking up mercenary companies and military organizations of Golarion. I want to see more regular warfare type stuff in Pathfinder.

This was a cool story to read.
I could see at least a whole book following Brea and the eventual development of a rogue blackjacket company as she comes across more and more betrayed and disenfranchised soldiers.

I want see more of Druma, I believe theyd be the first to field fully equipped and trained musket regiments and cannon given their immense wealth.