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Horizon Hunters

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GM Valen wrote:

I'd be happy to have a couple more players in a run of PF2 Quest #1: The Sandstone Secret on the Cosmic Crit as part of PlayDis Con. We'll be starting in one week on February 17, 2020.

The Sandstone Secret is replayable (and has elements that vary) so it can be played again and again with separate PCs and a different experience. As a quest, it will be completed before con's end.

Sign up with your Discord ID here.

Also, a week later, I will be running PFS 2 Quest #2: Unforgiving Fire on the Cosmic Crit server with an anticipated start date of February 24, 2020. The Unforgiving Fire is NOT replayable. This, too, will complete before con's end.

I signed up as well I put my discord name in the player name. If there is anything else I should do let me know. Thanks