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I picked up several PDFs last year (legal and watermarked to me) and this year started Society play. The wife is thinking of joining me in Society play. Do my legal watermarked PDFs count for her as well. If we're at the same table I honestly wouldn't think it an issue, but if we were at different tables do I actually need to buy her the PDFs as well or as we share a last name would my watermark count for her as well on her tablet or laptop? My youngest is also interested in gaming and one day might join society as well would the three of us be legal with just my legal watermarked PDFs or would there need to be multiple watermarks to be considered legal?

We're going with the PDFs for ease of use and portability, I used to carry all my 3.5 library with me to each session and that was tiring and heavy, and Pathfinder is now a fairly large catalog of books as well.

I know this is likely answered somewhere else as I cannot have been the first to ask this question in 8 (9 including season 0) seasons of play. So if this counts as a duplicate post I apologize I was just on lunch with a couple minutes to spare and was wondering.