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Wishlists and Lists

Wishlists allow you to track products you'd like to buy, or—if you make a wishlist public—to have others buy for you.

Lists allow you to track products, product categories, blog entries, messageboard forums, threads, and posts, and even other lists! For example, see Lisa Stevens' items used in her Burnt Offerings game sessions.

For more details about wishlists and lists, see this thread.


My Wishlist

(9 items)

Explorers of Varisia

(8 items)

Supplements to be used in my new Varisian campaign.

Carrion Crown Toolbox

(2 items)

A listing of all the items I plan to use for the Carrion Crown AP!


Pathfinder Planar Products

(3 items)

For all things planar in Pathfinder!!!

Design Tuesday Articles

(2 items)

A collection of the new Design Tuesday blogs for easy reference.

Gambling in Pathfinder

(2 items)

For all those time your PC's hit the Casino IN GAME... a compiled list of threads and ideas.

Skull & Shackles Prep

(1 item)

All the tips, tidbits, & products for the Skull & Shackles AP.

My List 2

(0 items)