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Can there be a general campaign RPG that has ancient, medeival, and futuristic things all in one campaign by using the d20 DandD 3.5 rules?

Gary Teter wrote:
Well, did you pay any money to post your question? :-)

I didn't see anything on the computer screen that shows a money-fee when I registered, so thanks for your response, Gary. It might be considered stupid what I asked, but because this website has magazines for sale, I wasn't sure. This website seems to be unique because it has things for sale and a computer forum message board. Most of the other computer-net sites do not have a combination of forum message board and things to buy from the computer.

There were articles in Dragon magazine for ADandD 1st edit. that had more information about the nine alignments for the game. I think those articles were in different issues of Dragon magazine during the time of the '80s. Does any person of this computer group have those articles and can you put them on the computer screen of this website if Paizo allows it?

Is it free for me to be a registered member who regularly puts post-messages on the computer screen of one of the forum boards?