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Current Campaigns

Castamir's Flaxseed Station

phaeton_nzCellyDr Galen ConwayPatrick MessierRani Silvermist

Cottonseed PFS PbP (2E)

phaeton_nzKatrina CaldwellLuna MoonPatrick BarnardZarina Silvermist

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge: Explore, Report, Cooperate!

phaeton_nzJohn "The Doctor" SmithKatrina aka Krazy KatNightkitPatrick MessierRani Frost

GM Friendly Sauce's Core 10-16: What the Helms Hide

phaeton_nzJack Hurricane

GM Valen's PFS 1e 0-7 Among the Living & Among the Dead (Subtier 6-7)

phaeton_nzSpica Capella

Start date: We have started (Among the Dead)

Slides & Maps

GM Valen's PFS 1e 0-20 The Devil We Know Part I: Shipyard Rats (CORE)(Tier 3-4)


Start Date: We've Begun!

Slides & Maps

Pathfinder 1st edition, 3-07 for Outpost VI


PFS1e 3-08 - Among the Gods (KS) [Outpost VI?]

GameMaster phaeton_nz

Tier 3-7

PFS2e B21 - Against the Unliving - Take 2 (KS) [Outpost VI]

GameMaster phaeton_nz

Level 3 Bounty

Zero's B18: From Family Lost (Outpost VI)

'The Doctor'

[Outpost VI] SFS #5-07: Planar Bloom

Luce 'Stella' Lumen

Starfinder society, tier 5-8, RPG Chronicles
Slides link

[Outpost VI] SFS 5-10: Shadow of the Vault Lord

phaeton_nzKatrina Scintilla

[SFS/Outpost]1-25 The Beacon Code Dilemma


[SFS] 5-08 Star Sugar Superstar


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