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Is there anything on the docket to expand Holomog or Mazludeh?

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Excited to see a mention of Sekamina (which I guess is just named Ydersius now? I can't find a canon reference of what they called their empire, but pathfinderwiki suggests they just named it after their godking.)

We haven't gotten a lot of serpentfolk stuff since Serpent's Skull seven years ago. Anything on the docket? Despite Venomwall being mentioned in early Varisia stuff, I never saw it expanded anywhere unless I missed something, which is a shame because it sounded pretty cool.

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Still holding out hope that Nations of Magic: Nex and Geb book will be announced next year.

In line with the Halflings question, in general more detail on non-human sentients and their civilizations on Golarion would be v interesting. Particularly the extremely strange ones could use more detail. I was sad that Nagajor was sketched so vaguely. It was presented as basically 'confucian period mountain chinese villages' which seems crazy, half the population doesn't even have hands! Supposedly humanoids are super rare in that country at all, you'd think it would go in a very alien direction.

Surely Naga civilization has some really weird details that would be fun. What sorts of magical items and utility magic do they use? How do they eat and cook? The Nagaji can't do literally everything, how does an 'average' Naga go through daily routine? Do their buildings even have doors? Imagine going to the grand palace to see the standard 'NPC questgiver princess' and your standard Medium size Human Fighter Beefheart McLargeHuge is just faced with this cat flap looking thing all the Naga slither through ahead of him. Amazing.

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Nex, obviously. Magical supercity run by stat-boosted geniuses in an unending cold war with an immortal ghost necromancer, his undead demigod girlfriend, their vampire lords, with legions of undead and intangible spies all around you probing every weakness. They can't even surrender because Geb would only accept one from Nex himself, who ain't even there anymore.

One can only imagine their intelligence tradecraft would make a hardened KGB handler weep tears of joy, since both sides can just /true resurrection/ their best agents when they are killed, so they just keep improving forever. And the two sides can use high level magic to attack each other indirectly; but of course Nex is at a huge disadvantage not having enough remaining arable land after all the bioweapon attacks to avoid importing food, and thus agents of Geb.

They probably issue you a first level spellbook and a two week counter-intelligence course just for testing non-evil and requesting citizenship.

For an engineer who loves magic and complicated problems, it's catnip. Logistics, magical arms race, high power level, unambiguous bad guys who are smart, yet a mostly stable (and probably one of the least 'fantasy medieval' flavored) city to live in.

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I almost wish I could pick Desna. In the future of Golarion she's going to be amazing, as the civilizations there reach out into space with their improving magic and science. She's like the Starfleet Goddess, protector/explorer of the universe.

Sarenrae is probably the only major God I could worship myself. I respect how she rose from a simple Angel to the most powerful God in combat(she was the deciding blow against Rovogug), and while I might not be as forgiving and generous, I sure would like to be. NG is the best alignment, and all she asks in worship is that I make the world a better place.

Shelyn is a close one, I consider myself an artist, and I like her backstory, but there's too much to be done on Golarion right now, you can't just appreciate love and beauty and let the rest fall where it may. (plus without computers, electronics, or modern materials, most of my art skills are going to be unusable).

But the real answer is Zohls, the Empyreal Lord of Truth. As a researcher, the pursuit of truth, untangling of puzzles, and scientific experimentation is basically how I spend all my time. And even off work, I frantically read everything I can get my hands on, no matter the subject.

When I get hit by that Plane Shift, my first act will be a prayer to Zohls asking her to make me a cleric.