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I have been trying for some time now to make a decent Magus. Love the idea. Just not happening tho. The requirement to make a 2nd attack roll for the spell to work is just sad. Spellcasters hardly ever hit anyway with their crappy proficiency, Magus is even worse.

Best I have come up with so far is Archer / Magus.
With haste, you can use Double Shot & Electric Arc.
+1 bow, you'll get 2d8 + 2d8 + ( 3d4+3 save 1/2 ) - possible at 5th level.

level 14 they get focus haste, which would help a lot - but they is a long way off.

Slide casting is really nice - just having trouble creating a decent build around it.

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Probably my biggest gripe is that they are consistently several levels behind the curve with their attacks rolls. When they are trained every other class is master for at least 2-3 levels. The wizard in my group has got to the point where he is considering re-rolling a fighter as he sometimes goes through an encounter without hitting anything ! and the cleric has turned into a healbot and just leaves the fighting to the barbarian and ranger.

My second gripe on casters is where martial classes get magic weapons to increase their hit chances and are doing significantly more damage than the poor wizard ever does. Even breaking out a fireball can be just plain embarressing. Last game he hurled a fireball for 14 damage, all the enemies saved but one ( because the DCs for casters suck LOL) so they took a whopping 7 dmg ! :( So much for the spellblaster, seems a thing of the past that's for sure.

Has anyone had any success or have some pointers for my wizard, because I can't see him playing the class much longer ? ...

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I think the thing my grp (or at least the ranger anyways LOL) disliked the most was persistent acid damage. He kept melting :)

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My group just finished plaguestone, and they were "mostly" successful.

In general, we found the adventure to pretty darn challenging and it got me curious as to how many groups actually successfully completed the adventure and saved the town.

For example, my group managed to defeat the end boss but it was an extremely close fight.

By the time they eventually chased down the construct, they failed to stop it from reaching the well before it detonated. So, mostly successful except for a bunch of gassed villagers LOL

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Pathfinder 2E Condition
Source Core Rulebook pg. 621
Your body is frozen in place. You have the flat-footed condition and can’t act except to Recall Knowledge and use actions that require only the use of your mind (as determined by the GM). Your senses still function, but only in the areas you can perceive without moving your body, so you can’t Seek while paralyzed

D&D 5E Condition
A paralyzed creature is incapacitated (see the condition) and can’t move or speak.
The creature automatically fails Strength and Dexterity Saving Throws.
Attack rolls against the creature have advantage.
Any Attack that hits the creature is a critical hit if the attacker is within 5 feet of the creature

I must admit the 5e condition seems must more realistic

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Just read up on Stamina & Hit Points from Starfinder. That's a cool idea. Hadn't come across that before. I like how Stamina represents your endurance, whilst HPs are you taking actual damage. Shame they didn't go with something similar for P2e.

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So ... Treat Wounds. How do you play this ability in your games. As RAW or with some house rules attached.

As written it would seem you can just Heal a PC every hour for 2d8 hps, or every 10 minutes with a feat. This seems slightly excessive. What's the point of healing magic if in 20 minutes my healers kit can restore someone that just took a sword through the chest. Some stitches & a bandage and you can do heart surgery and restore someone to full health. That's an impressive healer's kit !

Just wondering how everyone runs their games with this as a consideration, as from what I can see this has been incorporated as core rules for P2.

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Basically as written... if you have 2 belt pouches.
In pouch 1 ) a full wineskin.
In pouch 2 ) 70 days of rations :)

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Something I just noticed -

1 full waterskin is 1 bulk

1 weeks of rations if L (bulk) - my understanding is 10 x L (bulk) = 1 B
so... 1 bulk of rations = 70 days of rations ?

Bulk system just fails here LOL

Go back to imperial, at least that made sense !

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If you have Elven weapon proficiency then as far as I can tell your longbow is now considered a simply weapon ?

If you worship Erastil - whose favored weapon is the longbow & take Deadly Simplicity - Does that mean you get to use the bow at d10's ?

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I like the Spirit barbarian. has some great flavour. Great grandfather shaman's spirit manifests swirling about the barbarian. His eyes aglow with ghostly radiance, he RAGES forth. His greatsword bursts into spiritual flames (lightsaber) as he smashes into his foes. 1d12 +7 dmg at first level while raging... not too bad !

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My group has been playing the Playtest for a while now. Currently they are level 10 and half way through the frost giant module.

One thing that has become very noticable is that spellcasters in general are way behind on damage output. The martial characters outshine them on almost an order of magnitude.

For example, the sorcerer in the group casts his cantrip for something like 2d6+5 damage, where-as the Monk / Paladin or Barbarian in the group are all in the range of 3d12+5 (x2 or x3 if they get their third hit in) plus most have some type of weapon enhancement, the barb gets +1d6 vs evil, the monk gets +2d6 vs evil and +acid, and the Pally gets +3d6 for evil, fire & acid.

So on average the sorcerer does 12 dmg / round & the martial characters average (at least) something like 56-80 dmg rnd. Huge difference. Hardly seems worth playing the wizard / sorcerer / cleric. Especially as multi-classing pally gets you Lay on Hands for 9d6 heals 7-9 / day and the Monk has wholeness of body which does much the same.

On top of that GNOMES RULE. My party has discovered the awesomeness that is GNOMES. The latest party has 2 gnomes (the monk & sorcerer) which their lvl 9 racial ability allows them to regenerate 40 or 30 hp's respectively after every encounter. Pretty damn cool :)

Only when the sorcerer lets rip with a level 5 fireball which is 12d6 does he feel like he's competing on the same level.

So., Just curious. Does anyone else feel that spellcasters in general are rather blah when in comes to comparity of damage output ?

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I see these references about 1.7 in the forums. I have yet to see any release for a 1.7. Where are people getting this info to talk about ? Is it listed somewhere?

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The idea that some dude with a roll of bandages can completely heal someone that 10 minutes ago was having a near-death experience is a total SNAFU for me. Just not happening. Fine, healing spells and potions are magic. They can repair torn flesh and mend sanity. Some guy with smelling salts and a linen cloth shouldn't and can't within any reasonable interpretation be able to do the same.

My House Ruling, Treating Wounds applies to only one person. As an hour long activity it can apply to up to 6 individuals. It is an activity that can be applied only once per encounter.

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Well, my group has almost finished Lost Star. They are playing a rogue, cleric, fighter and wizard. Amazingly enough, 2 are human, and 2 are half-elves. LOL

Ancestry is definitely something I both love and hate. The idea is great, but the implementation is terrible. For example, a dwarf should start with all his core racial abilities, and his Ancestry feats should be choices that either improve or give you additional racial traits. Having to earn your basic genetic package is just silly.

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Ancestry is definitely something I both love and hate. The idea is great, but the implementation is terrible. For example, a dwarf should start with all his core racial abilities, and his Ancestry feats should be choices that either improve or give you additional racial traits. Having to earn your basic genetic package is just silly.

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I am thinking off adding a homebrew option. Something along the lines of. Fred the fighter is struck by an ogre's maul for x damage. Ribs crack and he falls to the ground unconscious. With the ogre's backswing his body is propelled 10 feet into a wall with a sickening crunch.

Ogres are mean! :)

So, by the rules he would have Dying 2; and an assigned Fort save DC X to reduce the dying condition. With the new rules however, one heal spell for 3 hp's and he leaps to his feet and re-engages the ogre. Fred's brush with death is as if it never happened, even though his hit points have him barely standing.

Magical healing is of course a wondorous thing, its Magic! after all. Still, I would appreciate some reflection of the characters near death experience.

I was thinking of the following additions. When a creature takes a mortal wound, he gains the Drained condition equal to his Dying value until he takes a daily rest. So, Fred gains dying 2 (drained), is healed and looses the dying condition. He enters the fray, and once more goes flying into the bushes and gains dying 1 (drained). Cleric heals him again. This is getting wearisome thinks fred. Charges ogre and is backswinged into a tree for dying 1. The ogre is defeated, and Fred is healed once more. At the end of the battle he accumulated Drained 4 until he takes a daily rest.

You could also apply the Clumsy condition until the character is healed to say 50% or more of his hp total.


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Huh, so if you don't use a Seek action to try and find someone that is Hiding, you automatically have no chance at all to notice them. hadn't realised that.
I thought that was what the whole Perception for initiative was all about. Damn. That makes ambushes even more likely. Being a PC sucks LOL

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Anyone else not a fan of how the monster vulnerabilities seem to work?
For example, a clay golem has the following descricption.

Harmed by Cold and Water: Any cold or water magic that targets the golem causes it to take 5d12 damage instead of the usual effect. If the clay golem starts its turn in the area of cold or water magic, it takes 3d6 damage.

So, a caster hits the golem with a ray of frost for 4 dmg and instead it take 5d12? Or perhaps it takes 15d6 dmg from a cone of cold, but instead it takes 5d12.

Seems funky?

Why not just say takes double damage; or even better maybe using their new critical system, a save is a fail, and a fail is a critical fail? That would make even more sense using their new rules system. Probably how I will end up playing it myself.