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I would love to get feedback on my item:

Boots of Trailblazing
Aura Faint Transmutation; CL 5th
Slot feet; Price 15,000 gp; Weight 3 lbs.
These heavy, travel-worn boots warp terrain around the wearer creating a smoother, flatter path for travel. Beneath the soles of the boots muddy ground dries and firms, dead wood and branches decompose and living plants shrivel or squirm out of the way.

This trail forms immediately in front of the wearer's feet and extends 10 feet to both sides. The trailblazing affects any areas of undergrowth, rubble or bog making them one level less difficult (for example, heavy undergrowth is treated as light and light undergrowth is removed). This effect is permanent until reversed by outside forces such as plant growth or natural erosion but it is impossible to blaze the same trail over again (so you cannot walk over Heavy undergrowth twice to remove it completely). The trailblazing effect does not provide any protection against magically created growth or barriers such as entangle or wall of thorns and will not alter man-made terrain features.

When traveling overland the wearer treats all Trackless terrain as though they were traveling along a trail. Since the trail is permanent any companions benefit from this as well so long as the wearer takes the lead.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Diminish Plants, Stone Shape; Cost 7,500 gp

My original idea was a "Bottled Storm" item. But aside from the whole thing being a bit overcomplicated I also realized that I had no friggin' idea how to effectively price the thing.

Bottled Storm

A large bottle of black glass plugged with a thick cork. Very faint sounds of rainfall and the distant rumble of thunder can be heard from inside. Unplugging the bottle releases the torrential rainstorm held inside. The effect of the storm depends on how long the bottle remains uncorked (see below). Replacing the cork requires a DC 18 Strength check to overcome the intense force of wind and rain that pour out.

1st round: Intense gusts of wind and pounding rain spew from the opening in the bottle and continue for three rounds, in addition to the effects of the following rounds. The wind and rain fill a 60’ cone emanating from the mouth of the bottle (every round anyone holding the bottle can choose to change the direction as a free action once per round). The storm produces gale force wind and heavy rain in that area.

2nd round: A bolt of lightning emanates from the mouth of the bottle (10d6 damage, DC 14).

3rd round: An intense blast of thunder duplicating a Shout spell emanates from the mouth of the bottle.

4th round: The wind and rain calm, producing no significant effect and dropping the DC to cork the bottle to 12

5th round: The storm pours out and rises into the sky. The storm fills a 3-mile radius and remains active for 8d12 hours.

            If the bottle is not recorked by the 5th round then any magical properties are permanently lost when the duration of the Call Lightning storm ends. If the bottle is ever destroyed (Hardness 8, 16 HP) then it immediately releases the thunderstorm.

I'd really like to hear feedback, even if it's rough.

Cape of the Night Stalker
Aura Moderate Evocation and Transmutation; CL 11th
Slot Shoulders; Price 27,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This lightweight cape is fashioned from pitch-black cloth and has a clasp decorated with obsidian. The cape grants the wearer 60 foot darkvision so long as the cape is worn and also draws upon the power of darkness and shadow to enhance the wearer’s physical and mental abilities. When the wearer is in an area of dim light they receive a +2 enhancement bonus to both Strength and Charisma. In areas of darkness the bonus increases to +4. Treat these as temporary ability bonuses.
Once per day the wearer may speak a command word that causes the cloak to dissolve into an insubstantial fog of pure shadow. This functions as a deeper darkness spell which radiates from the wearer continually until a second command word is spoken, causing the cape to reform around the wearer’s shoulders. While transformed the cloak ceases to grant any other bonuses to the wearer.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, deeper darkness, darkvision, bull’s strength, eagle’s splendor; Cost 13,500 gp