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When my wife and I were engaged, and dating before that, we facilitated a game night for our friends. Something to provide a safe, fun environment for people to meet and have fun between her friends and mine. I had a gift card for Barnes and Noble. Now, I've never liked their pricing strategy especially when I used to have Border down the road and eventually Amazon. But I had the card so I went shopping May two years ago.

One friend had been talking about running Pathfinder and had loaned us books to build our characters (since I begged him because I like to learn before I do). So naturally I looked at those books first at the store. But then I saw PACG. I had been trying to decide between the main Player's Guide and maybe a board game and just off to the side were these in between things. It was a knee jerk decision but I picked up just the base set to try it out as an alternative between Catan, Hero Quest, and the promise of a Pathfinder game.

Well, two years later, we had been married that June (Friday the Thirteenth with a full moon and all!), we still have game night with the same core group plus or minus some new folks, and we've been subscribing to PACG ever since! My wife and I decided not long after the first game together that we wanted to keep playing this game and make it our regular game. Actually, she didn't let us play anything else until after 2015 started!

So thank you guys. You have given us almost 2 years of fun and camaraderie which has gone from a tiny one bedroom apartment with strange people making strange background noises, zero space so we were crawling over each other and the cats were too, and super hot summers to our new house where we have a nice kitchen for keeping our food off the table (and cards...), I can put the leaves in the table for larger groups and games, there's space for the cats to run around and not even be in the same room let alone all over the table, and we foresee many more years of PACG enjoyment together with each other, our group, and all of you :-)

Haha, just as an extra, last year at our one year anniversary the only thing that worked out was getting together with one of our bridesmaids to go through the first few scenarios of Season of the Shackles! :D

And for super extra bonus points, we've extended this into my other game night with a group of guys Fridays where one of them liked it so much he bought and soloed Shackles. Our bridesmaid went and got her own copies of Runelords and Shackles for when she moved down south briefly (and she got us into the OP from her time there). And I've even had -another- session with family.

The moral of the story is? Don't get PACG... or it'll get you...

Is there an update on the first week of the new year DriveThruCards Season of the Righteous set? I keep checking back every day but perchance I have missed it and I don't see it on their site.

Wait... Do they not have a bottom?

We were going to go back with her but that makes some sense. My wife just reminded me that regardless of deck makeup, the only cards she pulled for her hand that were Sorceror cards were the basic Allies at which point a lightbulb clicked on and I remembered she only explored with them ;-)

Hi everyone.

Some of our home group has recently gotten into the PACG scene at a local store but missed out on Season of the Shackles. So after many much time re-familiarizing myself with the rules, the Guide, and this board, I am trying out GMing for our home group. We are reporting.

Last night during 0-1B we realized my wife had some Sorceror cards mixed in with her Rogue deck. She stores them in the separate slots of the official deck box (which we both love now, thanks!). Somehow in reviewing the Sorceror deck she was going to start last week at our local store for another game she crossed slots when placing the cards back in the box. So her deck for last nights' game was illegal. Played Merisiel with some Rogue and some Sorceror cards. I didn't notice until the end of the game because most of the cards she had played were familiar from the actual Rogue cards. There may have been a weapon that she used that wasn't supposed to be there but I can't be 100% certain. What do we do in a case like that? I don't see any illegal deck rebuild/retraining threads like on the Society forum for RPG characters so after searching, I'm posing my question.

How do we resolve this, officially, when we are reporting and it is discovered after the end of a session?

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Theryon Stormrune wrote:
ophyjgjhnfn wrote:
As we haven't started the season yet, is the deck all one would need for the extra cards? The 6 loots are enough in other words? No reason for extras unless one were to hand them out permanently (we game at my home with the same players).

Yes, you shouldn't need more than the six if you are only playing with one group and aren't actually handing them out.

I'm going to be giving them away so I am planning on ordering more than 6.

Thanks mate. You're always such a big help. We're looking forward to this. Just have to clear deck 6 of shackles! :D

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As we haven't started the season yet, is the deck all one would need for the extra cards? The 6 loots are enough in other words? No reason for extras unless one were to hand them out permanently (we game at my home with the same players).

Could you please cancel my adventure card game sub? Thank you!

I'm not showing this as part of my subscription. It says the Add on and promos are in my sidecart with deck 3 coming next but no deck 2 with promos. And if I go to the add on it says it ships already.

I think my main beef with the frequency is wanting to have the promos without paying 50 bucks a piece if I decide I want to get a skipped AP at a later date. I'm totally good skipping since I can probably only save money later by buying it on sale. My issue becomes the increased cost of the promos that are only available to subscribers. I didn't hop into this game until May. Um. That was a lot of back tracking to do but I did it because my wife was so interested she basically changed game night (tonight actually). We no longer play other games besides PACG.

But to say that is an invalid argument is kind of... Well it kind of stinks because for me, it is a valid argument. We want the availability of all the resources for the game. We are limited first by the company who gives an exclusive bonus to preordering through them. If we can't afford to get everything as it comes out but will come back and pick it up as we can afford it, well, we missed something. And we can't buy it say, as a pack or singles from the company during, oh, the next AP or even two APs later which would be real neat but just isn't how it works.

So yes, it's all good to sit on a forum and say 'you don't need everything' but that's kind of hurtful when someone may just want the same fun as other people but may have to budget and save up for later (proponent of delayed gratification here...). This isn't a collectible game after all. There aren't chase cards or foils or anything. It's just a thought to be considerate, not really a complaint even. For the record, I was just promoted and now have the ability (properly budgeted) to continue at this greater pace. But not everyone can do that. I just don't want to see those folks miss out :/

I dreaded running into the grindylow on approach to thistletop :-) it's rough on the goblin fortress and if we hadn't have encountered the henchman first, it was two cards lower XD

Awesome as ever, Hawkmoon269 :-) we're up at the wee hours playing through Thistletop Delve for the first time and I -had- to play Ranzak! :D

Ranzak also lists light armies and weapons under proficiencies but doesn't contain any checkboxes. Heavy armor has a check box on the role cards though. Is this the new way of listing things a character is already proficient in?

I was curious about those card feats because anyone who has the base set can see the last card feat is gained at the end of the game - where we have no current, official continuation point. Is there a reason for this? Will we ever be able to officially use the last card feat?

Hawkmoon269, you have just resolved the one most confusing thing about this for my group and me! I was starting to think it was pointless to add the skill feats at all since it seemed everyone was saying you basically never add the bonus when you use weapons or whatnot. This is amazing and I wish everyone would just copy and paste your response when the question crops up :-)