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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
There are multiple versions of some of the characters. Harsk, for instance, has a Rise of the Runelords version and a Ranger Class Deck version. When you added this download to your Paizo account, it actually creates 3 download in your "My Downloads" page, one for Rise of the Runelords, one for Skull and Shackles, and one for the Class Decks. Make sure you use the appropriate sheet for the character version you are playing.

Awesome I see now. Thanks for clarifying. Wasn't sure if it was balance changes or something. I figured it out now.

I recently downloaded the character sheets and noticed there are discrepancies with the character sheets and what is printed on the cards. For example Harsk had higher Dexterity base on the character sheets downloaded then what is printed on the character cards. This was true for many cards. Anyone else notice?